idiot lyft driver

  1. mrpjfresh

    Lyft drivers congregating on highway shoulders for PPZ

    Holy smokes. What a bunch of fools! Some guys actually out of their cars, bs'ing on the shoulder of the interstate like it is a gas station or the pig pen at the airport. Has anyone actually seen this in their market? I've seen some idiotic behavior by Uber/Lyft drivers in my time but this...
  2. afrojoe824

    Idiot Lyft drivers at LAX

    Just dropped off a pax near LAX. Checked arrivals and there seems to be 5 planes landing in the next 30 minutes. I say cool maybe I'll wait at the lot.. Until I see this s***... Staging lot on JENNY is OVERFLOWING with Lyft drivers. No parking space and they're taking up the TCP drivers...