1. the ferryman

    13% acceptance, Plus only

    I really dgaf any longer. I've written them about 20x over last 1.5 years and they will not relent. Blah blah blah
  2. Uberchampion

    62 pages of useless threads...

  3. D Town

    Travis Says, "No Tipping Because Pax Are Racist"

    "As part of the settlement agreement, Uber is clarifying, but not rectifying tipping for drivers. While its competitor Lyft has tipping built in, Uber is arguing that adding tips would lead to bias from riders to drivers. In addition, it could incentivize drivers to "spend more time where tips...
  4. PhoenicianBlind

    Android file recovery? ( I messed UP! )

    So, this is ridiculously stupid of me, but sometimes that's me. I figured my phone was acting up too much so I decided to factory reset my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Neat. Reinstalling apps, yada yada, and it dawns on me. I formatted away my installation of Mylog Pro, which tracks mileage! I...