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  1. johnydynamic

    Typical Driver Pay IAH/Bush to Downtown at night w no surge?

    How much is the typical payment from Terminal C at Bush to Downtown (near Wells Fargo Tower) at night w no surge or traffic? I’m a 2800+ ride driver who flew into Houston Sunday night. Because of the apps I have (Uber passenger, Uber Driver, Surge 2x) I was able to get a good look at the new...
  2. A

    Need Pickup outside of Coverage area going to IAH will give good tip.

    Hello Drivers, I am in trinity, tx 75862. I need a ride to Bush International on March 27. I'm heading back to Nome Alaska. My flight leaves at 7:20PM, so getting there roughly 2 hours before would be good. I am willing to give generous tip for driving out to pick me up. (Open to negotiation)...
  3. Darrell P Brown

    IAH TNC Parking Incident

    Yesterday, 30 November, I was driving into the TNC lot on Lee when an official vehicle pulled in ahead of me, blocked the entrance, and told me to move on. He stated "there was an incident" in the lot. No details. Does anyone have any information to share on what happened?
  4. D

    IAH TNC Lot

    They are kicking us out of the lot. No one allowed in. Told me to go to Cell Phone Lot. I'm there but now can't get in Queue. Anyone know what's going on or what to do?
  5. JCHeights

    IAH Airport queue

    Last night, since it was dead, I decided to give IAH a try, why not. First time I arrived at 9:40 PM and the wait time per the app was 31-51 minutes. I started my stopwatch and I waited 53 minutes to get a ping (for a PAX going to Porter, ughhhh). Since I had to dead miles all the way back I...
  6. JCHeights

    NEW IAH Pickup Location - for me anyway

    So Thursday I log on once I leave work and get pinged to pick up at 19103 Gundle Rd. Kind of weird but I often pick up at businesses by IAH since I work off of Vantage Parkway. I am about 1/2 way there and thankfully the pax called me and said he was at Terminal A. Ummm, OK. I pick him up...
  7. Ferbeguis

    Wouldn't it be nice to know where in the queue we are at the IAH TNC Lot.

    I find the TNC Lot at IAH a bit frustrating and a waste of time in some cases. It would be GREAT if we could at least know where in the queue we are so that... 1) We know we ARE actually in the queue and there's not some error. 2) We know that we remain in the queue and not bumped off due to...
  8. sallou

    First time waiting at IAH

    There seem to be a hundred cars here waiting! Are they all uber?? Is it worth it to wait? How long does it usually take? Thanks!