i was wrong

  1. tomatopaste

    Regulators are eager for driverless cars—and I might lose a bet

    " I wrote... "And then, in the best case, there will be several years of foot-dragging by policymakers." "I was totally wrong. Instead, regulators—at the federal level and in some states, especially Arizona—have bent over backwards to accommodate self-driving car technology." Timothy admitted...
  2. cleansafepolite

    I think i could make alot more money if i wasnt deadheading

    after a 2.80 ride or 2...im so happy to see lugage. i dont know why.the airport trip from the w to skyharbor is like 13 bucks. but ive been deadheading it back to scotsdale...trying for the 13 bucks again..i avoid tempe for some reason. and i think the area near the airport will be short 2.80...