1. Kurt Halfyard

    Electric Vehicle Fires [Hyundai KONA Recall]

    First, it is important to put this in perpective: There’s no statistical evidence that shows electric vehicles catching on fire at a higher rate than gasoline-powered vehicles. There are over 200,000 gasoline-vehicle fires reported every year in the USA alone. However, since electric vehicles...
  2. D

    Car Warranty Help

    Hi guys, I know that driving for Uber voids warranties. I drove this car for a year before Ubering. I have a few small repairs needed covered under warranty, along with some updates, and still fall under the warranty. Is it worth bringing my car to the Hyundai dealer? I'm thinking about...
  3. LAHertzXchangePartner

    Hello from Xchange Lease Partner in Los Angeles, Ca

    Hello from Los Angeles. My name is Douglas Chin and I work with a local dealership that offers only pre owned, newer model cars. Our dealership was just selected to collaborate in the Xchange Lease Program offered by Uber. And after reading many horror stories and speaking with actual clients...
  4. Hybrids

    Cheap used car for rough road and potholes?

    I'm using Prius Gen 2 and it's really annoying me because of the noise and bad steering response while driving on rough roads and potholes. I'm in NJ and there are potholes everywhere. I'm planning to change my car about end of this year or maybe early next year. It should have over 200k miles...
  5. KeJorn

    Hyundai Tuscon Fuel Cell

    Anyone take a look at the new Hyundai Tuscon Fuel cell for lease in SoCal?? Anyone know the cost of filling up at a hydrogen service station compared to gasoline? Stats compare mileage to 50mpg, up to 250 miles per full tank. Though curious of the cost. The vehicle is only for lease in SoCal...