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  1. YourPrivateDriver

    Uber Amateur

    This thread is for all the guys who only got the Uber Partner status. Don't worry this thread is designed to show you love. Just keep doing Ubers dirty work and one day you will be an Uber Pro. There is still time for you to get Gold, Platinium, or maybe even Diamond. So hit those streets...
  2. daredevil

    Are you an ant test

    1. Work non surges weekend nights. (5 points) 2. Give out water. (3 points) 3. Give out mints. (2 points) 4. Open door for customers. (5 points). 5. You offer aux to nearly everyone. (2 points) 6. Call pax sir/madam. (1 point) 7. You work between 3 to 6pm on non surges. (3 points) 8. Work...