1. PioneerXi

    When the App is Junk

    Apparently, there were 51 vehicles in the Chick Fil-A Mira Mesa Airport pen this morning. No wonder they ran out of #2 for breakfast.
  2. Chocoholic

    "To drive, or not to drive, that is the question!" W.S., rideshare driver.

    In a thread in the Los Angeles forum, someone suggested, "YOU WONT FIND BILL SHAKESPERE DRIVING AN UBER ". But, as someone else observed, in his day, a playwrite was a very underpaid profession, and he'd certainly be out there with us! :smiles: So, if the Bard were a rideshare driver, ...
  3. Chocoholic

    New addition to "List of World's Biggest Lies"

    There's a new addition to the "List of World's Biggest Lies"! Yup, you guessed it. "I'll tip you in the app!" Let's have some fun with this one. Add your entry to "Worlds Biggest Lies", but remember to keep it clean. Here are some of the obvious ones. "The check's in the mail." "I'll...
  4. RideshareSpectrum

    Let that sink in for a minute.

    The participants on this forum represent the intellectual elite class of all rideshare drivers. We are the 1%. Scary, ain’t it?
  5. medusa

    Hysterical pearls of "wisdom" from Uber?

    "Über potentially provides a driver with almost unimaginable wealth, social status, career advancement and security, and therefore expects its drivers to possess some common sense. I think we should start a famous sayings blog from Uber quotes where they show themselves as the "trump of...
  6. pizza guy

    You know it's St Patrick's in Chicago when...

    You do more bar drop offs at 9am than 9pm. There's more green on people's clothing than there front lawn. Politicians pretend to like the voters. You ask yourself, why the hell do I put up with this crap at these rates?
  7. Magic_Mike

    Licence plate frame

    Would you guys put this frame on your back plates, for whose who start honking the millisecond after traffic light becomes green? :D
  8. Recoup

    The most interesting Uber driver in the world

    In another thread, He IS... the most interesting Uber driver in the world. Add your own MIUDITW tag lines, please!
  9. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Weird stuff pax say

    Woah, go back. As if I'm a horse. As I was approaching his gate at LAX.
  10. Dandy

    This is just too funny!

    Do Google the Florida 2nd day newbie who picked up her boyfriend's mistress in Florida today! Something about lost luggage and her getting fired by Uber. Can't stop laughing! Uber driver unknowingly picks up boyfriend’s ‘side chick’ at the airport
  11. RedoBeach

    Totally Random, & not Uber, but Just Want Funny Comments

    Did any of you happen to see this recent picture of Pan, Saturn's moon? It looks like someone deflated it! O
  12. pizza guy

    How to get pings

    Since being closest to the rider MO longer guarantees you get the ping I thought I'd share some techniques that still work to get a ping immediately. Swipe your credit card at a gas pump. Sit down on the toilet. Lite a cigarette. Take a road without anywhere to turn around. Pull into your home...
  13. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Jimmy Fallon & Senior Uber Joke 10/06

    Jimmy Fallon is making fun of senior Uber drivers who don't know how to get to the pax. Everyone with half a brain knows that the show is taped at 30 Rockefeller, NYC, but the visuals are for a guy driving around the turnabout over and over again and the second time he opened up the app, his...
  14. chi1cabby

    First Dog on the Moon's handy guide to the difference between Uber and taxis One hands out mints, but also knows your name, address and mobile number. The other allows you to run away without paying. Which do you choose? Who’s...