hudson county

  1. L0new0lf

    Hudson County Promotions

    Hudson county promotions are frustrating to see . Too many traffic lights, super congested, one ways, 15 min minimum fare rides gas guzzling up hills , 1 hour NYC rides I could go on and on. Anyone else agree ?
  2. gmc

    Guarantee lol all bull

    I tried it last Monday and Tuesday am guarantee $25 hour lol
  3. JerseyBoy911

    Jersey City and Uber Well is seems the Mayor of JC is a possible candidate for Governor (no big surprise there if you keep track of ur Jersey politics) He seems to not want to take sides. On one side he could anger...
  4. JerseyBoy911

    Newb question: Yellow and Orange areas

    So why is it that these areas all night go Yellow and orange but never surge...all night...