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    “Get a real job”

    Why do people act like being an independent contractor means you that you can’t complain about Uber’s business practices? Yes there are other options of companies to work for, yes there are hourly jobs, but that doesn’t negate the fact that airing out inconsistencies could potentially benefit...
  2. uber?

    Uber soooo slow at bush airport

    been here for 3 hours yet still 50 cars ahead. anybody experience same slow wait? isn't this supposed to be superbowl week where Uber says going to be crazy busy days for Uber partners? Anybody from Uber to explain? please!
  3. uber?

    uber gives priority to mew drivers???

    is it true that Uber prioritize new drivers at airport queues? for the last 2 weeks takes you more than 3 hours to get ping at bush. you can't just drive away coz anywhere in houston you will be lucky if get 2 short rides in 1 hour
  4. uber?

    "High Demand Area"?????

    last night i was driving around galeria area and got a promt from uber " proceed to High Demand Area" at Hermann park...i went as instructed and 25 + min of waiting and still no ping! What Uber meant by " High Demand Area"? Is this where you have 1 thousand riders and 2 thousand uber drivers...
  5. uber?

    phone support for uber partner drivers!

    Uber been around for more than 2 years here in Houston and had recruited thousands and thousands of drivers yet no PHONE NUMBER to call for support/ assistance? Whenever you have a query/concern - a copy and paste person or autobot will likely reply and sometimes takes longer than USPS mail to...
  6. uber?

    bush airport queue

    there are 230 cars queuing at bush airport. been here for 2 hours yet still 65 cars ahead of me. yehey to UBER for inviting all Houstonians to drive with UBER now drivers outnumber riders! great and to think this is superbowl week! yesss thank you UBER! sarcasim!
  7. uber?

    driving in Houston on weekend

    been driving around town for an hour yet not one ride - driving around downtown, discovery green area and midtown. isn't this supposed to be busy weekend before the superbowl?
  8. UberNorthStar

    #UberHOUSTON #UberStrikeHouston

    Marco D'alleva October 6 at 10:23am We only have 10 days left until the start of our nationwide strike. It is important to use these hashtags for every city you are in because #Uber also uses them to spread their false social media propaganda. For example, if you are from #Houston and will...