1. Kurt Halfyard

    What Does PART-TIME entail on U/L/Eats/Skip/DD?

    I was reading Penn State's 2019 Research paper on PART-TIME RIDESHARING, and how they do not quantify part-time work as "NUMBER OF HOURS" driven, but rather how dependent the driver is on the income of gig-economy. i.e. Driving 35 hours, but the NET$ only amounting to 3% of your annual...
  2. MHR

    Reassessing Your Driving Goals

    When I first started driving and subsequently became a member of the forum drivers talked a lot about their daily driving goals. For some their goal was to only drive a certain amount of hours, for others they drove until they hit a dollar amount. After learning the flow of my territory I fell...
  3. S

    Grubhub after block hours?

    So I've been driving Lyft for 2 years. I just got off the waiting list to do grubhub. I did my first deliveries yesterday off block. I usually drive lyft late weekend nights(10pm- 8am-ish). In my area grubhub offers blocks until 11pm even on weekends and they don't start again until 7am...
  4. Vishnu643

    Just came back and im seeing the planner? It makes no sense

    So after healing up and rejuvenating for a few months, I'm back and started my day (on the road)at 5am from LI. Nonstop up until 11am in Manhattan where they cut me off because it wasn't busy and in the area AND I wasn't scheduled. Kind of taken aback BUT I am not totally surprised since we were...
  5. B

    No blocks available?

    Is anyone else noticing there are literally NO blocks being posted for available hours? I’ve been checking all week and nothing is popping up. I’ve even switched my vehicles from standard to large and nothing. I emailed support and they said it shows I’m still active. Anyone else experiencing...
  6. ZenUber

    Online time remaining

    When I get near to 12 hours online with Uber, I get a massage in the app saying how much time I have left. And it’s usually over 2 hours, even though I’m already over 11 hours. It would add up to something like 14 hours. Aren’t we limited to 12? Anybody know how the app calculates this? I...
  7. domi

    Amazon Flex : Maximum Hours per Week

    Hello noticed now a cap of 28-30 hrs a Week used to be 40 hrs a week ... the weirdest thing is that its only in few markets. Orlando, Houston so far.. Are you a full time Amazon Flex Driver ? What's the max Hr per week are you doing ? Thanks Regards
  8. K.O.N.Y

    The city council should've looked into capping online hours as well

    Capping hours would've had an immediate impact....plus a 40 online hour limit would deter saturators
  9. YouEvenLyftBruh

    The average American works more than a medieval peasant

    The average American works more than a medieval peasant https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/the-average-american-worker-puts-in-more-hours-than-a-medieval-peasant ...from the article: Think you’re working less than peasants did way back in the medieval ages? Although jobs have changed...
  10. Clayx

    What hours do you work on weekdays?(Fulltimers)

    Hey guys, I was interested in your opinions on what times are best to work throughout the week?
  11. dantyh78

    Uber hours

    Does anyone know if there's a limit to the amount of hours you can drive in a day or a week?
  12. Jazzbaseball

    Ideal Hours - A General Outline (Minneapolis)

    I put together what I think might be a general idea of where people are going broken down by the hour. There are probably some additional thoughts to this.
  13. ScooterBoi

    Best hours for weekend day work?

    Hi Uberfolk. Was just wondering if working daylight hours on weekends is worth it? I'd love to know what people think. Thanks.
  14. SurgeMasterMN

    24 Hour Days of Uber - Challenge

    Was thinking about this the other day. What would it be like to work 24 hours driving Uber on a peak day? Wonder how much could be made. Would entail working 24 hours with a few cat naps in between. Anybody up for the challenge and post earnings after? Am looking at doing this sometime this...
  15. U

    Full Time

    I'm currently only driving Friday and Saturday nights on random weeks when my old lady goes to bed early. I'm out from 8-1 or 9-2 depending on how early I have to be up the next day. I can make $75-$100 a night when I have both uber and lyft on though 95% of my rides are through uber. Random...
  16. BurgerTiime

    Uber is planning to limit the number of hours drivers work

  17. D

    New Driver Help and Advice

    Hey uber drivers and new ones I'm completing all my requirements for TLC will have all documents submitted to them by end of week next week. When can I expect TLC license in the mail? I have a clean Driver record, signed up for uber at office and done examination and all, and a full NYC class...
  18. T

    How long to make $200-$300

    I'm thinking of starting ubering soon for some additional income. I'm only really looking to make around $100-$150 per week after GST and tax (I plan to leave 50% aside hence "$200-$300"). Howany driving hours are people doing in order to make $200-$300 after Uber's cut? I probably would be...
  19. Nuno Abrantes

    Looking for someone's car to drive!

    Hi! I will be in Melbourne for a couple of months and I would like to know if it's common to ride someone's uber car (without renting or buying a car)? If so, which is the best way to find a fair deal? Thank you very much! Cheers Nuno
  20. P

    When are San Diego Blocks released

    I just started a couple of weeks back. The only reason I've been able to sign up for blocks is because I've gotten lucky and been checking my app throughout the day. I've read that most cities release blocks at 10pm for the next day, I've yet to be able to see any blocks at 10pm. Does anyone...