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  1. LadyJ8A

    Average Rides:Hour Pay:Hour Ratio

    salutations I want to know how many rides to hour ratio do NYC Uber Drivers get? You can include the average pay to hour ratio as well.
  2. C

    News from EPI: Uber drivers earn the equivalent of $9.21 in hourly wages

    Google "News from EPI: Uber drivers earn the equivalent of $9.21 in hourly wages"
  3. asterix

    Hourly wage?

    What’s a ballpark for what to expect for a typical friday/ saturday night? Lately I have been averaging $5 per hour, before gas expenses. I am driving in a dense urban area with bars & nightlife. I’m only driving with Lyft because I messed up with Uber. Anyone have any advice for me?
  4. Ridiculous

    No tips and no surge

    Out of curiosity...if it was a busy night, let's say 20-30 rides in 10 hours but none were surges and no one tipped. Would you still drive for Uber? Yes / No
  5. R

    Hourly Rental experience with Uber

    Hi everyone- TGIF! I am thinking about Hourly Rental experience. Has anyone tried? Is it easy to signup and book? Problems? Thanks
  6. QLDUberDriver

    Another NYE competition to consider - Council to provide FREE public transport services

    Last year they did this but its in more detail below from the article posted in the Courier Mail. I wonder what Uber's potental hourly earnings is calculated now.:confused: Public transport Brisbane New Year’s Eve: Council to provide free services EXTRA bus and ferry services will be provided...
  7. W

    Mind Blowing Hourly Guarantees

    With Uber Eats OMG Has anyone seen this weeks hourly guarantees? $10-13 an hour tops (Before Gubers 25% cut)...What a bunch of shit this is! I hope that a lot of you Eats drivers will take this week off, surely you wouldn't waste your time working for peanuts... Let's drive the hourly rates...
  8. U


    How much are you averaging a week? Hours and earnings. Just want to see where I stand. Im averaging $450 in 20 hours between lyft and uber. Vegas drivers only.
  9. ryanmackk

    Earnings Analysis

    I am creating a post outlining my earnings and just how much you earn working with Uber. It is meant only to show what a sample driver made in the real world over several weeks of work and to provide insight for future drivers to see just how much you will be earning working with a ride share...
  10. AllenChicago

    The Ride Request Couldn't Be Completed.. During a Guarantee Hour..WTH?!?

    June 10, 2016 I opted in to the "Hourly Guarantee" this morning for the first time in my 7 months of driving, because Chicago drivers were offered a last minute special of $30 for 2 rides, for certain hours this weekend. (Previously it's been $17 for 2 or 3 rides an hour) I had just completed...
  11. G

    Average pay during summer here in Phoenix

    Anyone who's worked summer here in the Phoenix area, how much is your average earnings per week after expenses(gas/future maintenance), and how many hours do you drive to earn it? I service pools right now and I'm wanting to cut down on the number I do and make up for it driving for Uber, so I...
  12. A

    buying used car ?

    hi, i am a 30 year old female thinking about getting a used car to work uber. i make about 13/hr already before taxes but i hate my job nd its hard to do more than 35-40 hours a week. is it possible to make 700 a week driving ? i would even take a slight paycut if it meant i could work more...
  13. F

    First week driving for Lyft: $11/hour

    I was accepted to drive for Lyft last week. This week (Monday) I started driving. I drove 4 days total. Factoring in gas expenses but NOT wear and tear on vehicle, I made approximately $11/hr. Most of my trips were during the day. I tried driving Friday night and stopped because a drunk guy...
  14. Agent007

    UberSelect (Only) vs UberX hourly earnings

    According to this chart, UberX drivers, whether part- or full-time, make around $16 per hour (or, at least they did in Oct. 2014). What about UberSelect? Do you, Select people use UberSelect Only, or UberSelext/UberX? If you divide your hours online in an average week by your weekly earnings...
  15. Connect4Uber$

    I'm tired of this

    so where is the break down and the guarantee for hourly. or is it over. my statement 2 weeks ago was the same way.... WTF... TRAVIS
  16. John Stevens

    UberX Hours, Miles, and Income Survey

    H All: I've spent quite a bit of time researching, and I think I've found most of what's out there. But I'm having trouble finding this simple, bottom-line data. Trying to figure out (roughly!) how much you can earn per hour driving for UberX, after all expenses. So I'm asking all of you...