hourly rate

  1. Waingro

    Surge has been down in the past 9 Months, hourly income unchanged!

    Hi Ants I have looked at my income from the past 12 months now that it is tax time and I have noticed that even though I have made more money on surge in the first quarter last year Jul-Sep 2017, my hourly rate for the year has been only around 50c per hour difference averaged out for the...
  2. Kamel Leroux

    Hourly Rate X

    Hey guys, I was wondering how much an Uber X driver can make per hour, before the 20-25% commission, in Central London (zone 1-2 of the Tube) from Monday to Friday : - on commute hours (roughly 0730-10o0 and 1700-2000)? - on other hours? Best, K.
  3. A

    Need 2 lg vehicles June 1st

    I am having a Reunion and need transportation for about 75 people from The Embassy Suites on Julia to the WWII museum. We need to transport them there from 8:45 am-9:45 am and then back to the hotel from 2pm-3:30pm. Thinking if we had 2 larger passenger vehicles making runs during the time...
  4. U

    Full Time

    I'm currently only driving Friday and Saturday nights on random weeks when my old lady goes to bed early. I'm out from 8-1 or 9-2 depending on how early I have to be up the next day. I can make $75-$100 a night when I have both uber and lyft on though 95% of my rides are through uber. Random...
  5. BYD_NYC

    Avoid long-term vehicle commitment. Rent a long-range EV by the hour.

    Interested in flexible or part-time vehicle options? Call BYD Motors at 718-824-0080 or text 661-878-4717 to inquire about the NEW HOURLY/DAILY electric vehicle rental program! No long-term vehicle commitment. No gas, insurance or parking expenses. Long range 180 miles on a single 2-hour...
  6. F

    First week driving for Lyft: $11/hour

    I was accepted to drive for Lyft last week. This week (Monday) I started driving. I drove 4 days total. Factoring in gas expenses but NOT wear and tear on vehicle, I made approximately $11/hr. Most of my trips were during the day. I tried driving Friday night and stopped because a drunk guy...
  7. Nicholas Bailey

    So. Uber has lowered our fares again.

    Has everyone gotten this email? Marketing or is Uber sticking it to the drivers?
  8. D

    Boston Uber pick ups per hour 10am-5pm

    Hi I am trying to guage how busy it is in Boston for uber currently with so many drivers now (All info about uber being busy seems to come from 1st half of 2015). I see a ton of cars on the app but looks like not a lot of client pick ups as cars stay available for a while. I know rush hour and...
  9. E

    Milwaukee Uber earnings

    Hello everyone. I worked for Uber since the beginning of this year. 5-12 hours per week during the winter/spring time and 30-60 hours during the summer period. I tried to figure out what is my hourly and per trip compensation. I collected all data from emails and my partner account web page and...