hourly pay

  1. W

    Driving in Sac

    Hi, I currently drive in Reno & average $17/hour net. What are drivers making in Sac hourly? I'm considering moving. Thank you!
  2. MplsD

    Pittsburgh hourly earnings survey

    Hello Pittsburgh U/L rockstars! Looks like independent survey in 2018 ranked Pittsburgh on the same playing field as NYC/Long Island/Westchester Cty in terms of hourly earnings so driver/rider ratio must be favorable. Lets see if this if for real. Please post approx average hourly earnings if...
  3. T

    Where's the money $$$$

    Im a newbie, a week with about 20 rides to my credit now. Been all over town different days different times. On my first couple of days I had 3 , three , $2.50 dollar, not peso rides. A dollar is like a peso nowadays, gets you a stick of chewing gum. Back to my story , I wish it was fiction but...
  4. D

    Hourly pay

    Quick and short, I want to know what is the average wage per hour for Uber drivers in New Orleans? I see anywhere from $18.00 per hour to $35.00 per hour. It would be helpful if all could post their averages of the the past month.