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hourly gurantees

  1. W

    Mind Blowing Hourly Guarantees

    With Uber Eats OMG Has anyone seen this weeks hourly guarantees? $10-13 an hour tops (Before Gubers 25% cut)...What a bunch of shit this is! I hope that a lot of you Eats drivers will take this week off, surely you wouldn't waste your time working for peanuts... Let's drive the hourly rates...
  2. KnightRider007

    This week's Lyft hourly guarantees in Seattle

    Mon. 9/26 $32/hr from 7am-8am $37/hr from 8am-9am $35/hr from 5pm-7pm Tue. 9/27 $32/hr from 7am-8am $37/hr from 8am-9am $35/hr from 5pm-7pm Wed. 9/28 $32/hr from 7am-8am $37/hr from 8am-9am $35/hr from 5pm-7pm Thu. 9/29 $32/hr from 7am-8am $37/hr from 8am-9am $35/hr from 5pm-7pm...
  3. L

    35/hr incentive question

    So I got the email for 35/hr driving around LA this weekend. The deal is 1.5 rides per hour between 8pm-12am within the LA Core area. That would equal out to 12 rides for the night. My questions are: 1. Do I need to be online the entire 8 hours to reach this incentive? What happens of I knock...
  4. ybwbqg9379

    Lyft - Never received hourly guarantee opt-in emails

    Hi there, I have a problem which is that I never gets the opt-in emails from Lyft for the Hourly Guarantee Program. I have 76 rides in total and my overall rating is above 4.90 with acceptance rate of around 90%. And this is the third week that I've been driving Lyft as a part-time driver...
  5. U

    New driversite not included in hourly guarantee

    I found out today that new drivers are not eligible for Uber's hourly guarantee in San Diego. They told everyone including the media that yes they were cutting fares but don't worry drivers can still make an hourly guarantee if they meet certain driving criteria. Of course they neglected to...
  6. N

    To take Guaranteed Pay Uptown or Not

    Calling all Dallas Uberers.....Just got a Guaranteed Pay offer $700 for the week. Says each trip must start in the Uptown purple shaded area. What if someone has to go to work in Plano. Does this mean I go out of service and drive back to that area? Says for each 3 hour schedule I have to be...
  7. gooberuberboise

    No More Hourly Guarantees for Boise Drivers

    For those drivers who have not noticed and have not been on the road such as myself, I was shocked to discover that the Uber Idaho team decided to get rid of the Hourly Guarantees, either temporarily or permanently. As far as I can tell, this goes back to the first part of October, perhaps even...