1. Gone_in_60_seconds

    20cm of Snow to Fall: Time to make some money.

    Please provide any update on whether it has started where you are. Who's going to make a killing at rush hour with all the surge??? :cool::cool::cool::cool: Or, who's going to get killed driving without snow tires??? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: - Started at 12 pm in Mississauga, Flurries...
  2. LadyJ8A

    Average Rides:Hour Pay:Hour Ratio

    salutations I want to know how many rides to hour ratio do NYC Uber Drivers get? You can include the average pay to hour ratio as well.
  3. Michael Ferguson

    Is Your Lyft Time Online Data Under-clocking Your Hours and Minutes?

    I just noticed that recently the time data (see attached images) is incorrect by a significant amount. The week of May 19th I only worked one day, which was Tuesday. I was online just over 3 hours and did 93 minutes of rides. The app and website both show that I drove 59 minutes and 11 seconds...
  4. VUT

    Hours per week

    How many hours do you Uber in a week ?
  5. Jpar73

    Rush hour

    I'm mostly driving in the Ft. Worth area rightnow. I was thinking about going online formorning rush hour. Where would be a good area to focus on?
  6. K

    Time & Location

    Just moved to richmond and I used to uber in the DMV and knew where the hotspots was as well as the best time in the morning. Where does one start here if they are up around 6 a.m