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  1. BurgerTiime

    Las Vegas taxi drivers to boycott Strip hotels

    https://www.ktnv.com/news/las-vegas-taxi-drivers-boycotting-some-strip-hotel-casinos-for-next-72-hoursfor-the-next-72-hours-some-las-vegas-taxi-drivers-will-boycott-strip-hotel The battle between taxi cabs and rideshare companies continues on the Las Vegas Strip this weekend. A grassroots...
  2. aradagebeya


    Sup uberites, How was your tuesday morning checkouts after the convention???? Was it busy, coz i didnt really see too much activity out of the ordinary!!!! Did many people get enough UberX, Select & Black rides?? Btw.. did anybody work in Coronado early morning?? Was it busy?? Care to share???
  3. M


    I don't drive for Uber but I work for an upscale hotel and we are wondering if there is a market for out of town Uber managers or meeting rooms for Uber meetings. Do you all have training sessions? Do corporate managers ever make trips out of state? I am working in Knoxville, TN if that...
  4. H

    Hotels compensating UBER drivers

    HI! I work for a small hotel company in Columbus. We have 8 hotels in the Columbus area (Dublin, Worthington, Groveport, Obetz, Heath, Zanesville and Lancaster) - our owner really wants to put a program in place where UBER drivers are compensated for dropping people off at our hotels. Any idea...
  5. GrandpaD

    Drops/Pickups The Strip

    Just some observations to pass on from what I saw in the early evening yesterday and daytime today - Mandalay Bay has a designated Uber/Lyft pickup at their main entrance. Follow signs to Registration and stay left of the large columns (might be shuttle buses in that area to help you find it)...