1. Kurt Halfyard

    Multiculturalism, Embarrassment & A Can of Smirnoff ICE [Story]

    Short Story: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Sunday Night. 8pm. Get a ping to a Hotel on Winston Churchill Boulevard @ QEW Highway. Pax Name: "Amber." I arrive at Hotel, main lobby round-about, which looks completely vacant and sad, and click the pink "ARRIVE" button on the LYFT App. Nobody...
  2. SoCalGabbieCash

    Tired of making money for Uber

    A certain taxi company located on industrial is hiring taxi drivers and chauffeurs. I interviewed with w h i t t l e s e a and I am glad to be going back to chauffeuring. Whatever I make will be more than what Uber pays. ( WITHOUT KICKBACKS ) They even have an option to lease their taxi. I said...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Doormen complain MGM-Uber relationship costs them tip money
  4. PeteyV

    Airbnb pool for hamptons?

    I'm usually the only driver in town. The people are amazing and I'm making hundreds a day despite Uber's fake surges. The 75mile commute is money and sleep lost for me. Anyone interested in going in on a airbnb house and killing it there? Let me know your contact info and dates you'd be...
  5. D

    Delivery to a company or hotel?

    I delivered a package to an address that was not the right shown on the app. It was a hotel and it was a mile down the road where in the app was showing. If I go to the hotel and deliver it to front desk receptionist and they sign for it, am I liable for the package? I called the customer and...
  6. Edman

    Can Bed Bugs Infest Cars?

    Picked up a passenger this morning at 5 AM from the 3 star Hotel. She said she had to checkout early due to BED BUGS Infestation in her room. She got BUG bites all over her body and could not sleep. She had her duffle bag zipper opened with her clothes hanging out on my back seat. She was...
  7. M


    I don't drive for Uber but I work for an upscale hotel and we are wondering if there is a market for out of town Uber managers or meeting rooms for Uber meetings. Do you all have training sessions? Do corporate managers ever make trips out of state? I am working in Knoxville, TN if that...
  8. H

    Hotels compensating UBER drivers

    HI! I work for a small hotel company in Columbus. We have 8 hotels in the Columbus area (Dublin, Worthington, Groveport, Obetz, Heath, Zanesville and Lancaster) - our owner really wants to put a program in place where UBER drivers are compensated for dropping people off at our hotels. Any idea...