1. S

    Is the airport queue really worth the wait?

    I've been wondering how drivers make anything going from the Hopkins airport queue and back. There's almost always 20+ lyft drivers waiting, not to mention how ever many uber drivers on top of that. I only drive for lyft at this point, but has anyone found it to be profitable? I came up here...
  2. Anonymously

    Select Only question

    I've been with Uber for a little over a year and recently switched to a select only account which I hear is rare these days. Does anybody else have a select only account? And because it's select only is there NOT a que like Uber x in the Uber parking lot at the airport? Does this mean the closer...
  3. Michael - Cleveland

    Hopkins Airport Queue: Estimated wait time added to Uber driver app

    Uber has added a new feature to the Hopkins Airport Queue: The app will now display an estimate of how long it will be until you can get a ride request. The new feature went into effect on Monday evening 3/21 and early reports are that is working - but reports wait times that are conservatively...
  4. Michael - Cleveland

    CLE: Where's the lot? Where's the Cops?

    There's one cop who thinks he's Barney Fife. If you're hassled, just be very polite, explain you were unaware - and move-on. (If you're ticketed, send a copy of the ticket to Uber and let them pay it). March 23rd the new state law goes into effect (HB237) which specifically allows TNC drivers...