1. U

    Problem Registering Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

    I took off a year from driving with Uber as my old car (Honda Pilot) just wasn't fuel efficient enough and I didn't receive nearly as many XL rides as I would have hoped. Flash forward a year later and I have an ultra-efficient Honda Clarity PHEV and I'd like to make a little side money again...
  2. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Honda Indy

    Is it worth driving in Downtown with this going on?
  3. unitxero

    NEW 2016-2017 Accord day time running light warranty replacement

    Some of you Accord owners know someone, or have a car with a burned out DRL, its that little strip on the headlight that goes out. Honda released a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) with a warranty adjustment on headlight replacements for those effected, for 10 years / unlimited mileage. So if...
  4. Risab1981

    2016-207 Honda Accord Owners - Heads Up!

    Thought I'd post this in case anyone could be helped by it. If anyone owns a 2016 or 2017 Accord and you've had to replace one of your Headlights because of the LED Burning out and were out of Warranty, because you're an Uber driver and you've probably already put 70k on your car ;) Honda is...
  5. C

    Does Honda Odyssey qualify for Uber/Lyft?

    Hi.....I'm getting a new car and I'm under pressure from members of the family to get something that is more practical than our current 3-row mid-size SUV. They want me to get a van. I hate them, but it would be more practical for sure. I've seen somewhere that full-size vans don't qualify...
  6. tomatopaste

    Waymo and Honda reportedly will build a self-driving delivery vehicle together
  7. KING D

    2018 Honda Accord LX base model.

    Engine: Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded I-4 1.5 L/91 Transmission: Continuously Variable Drive Type: FWD Ext. Color: Crystal Black Pearl Int. Color: Black City 30 Hwy 38 MPG Disclaimer: *Based on 2018 EPA mileage and driving range ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your MPGe/MPG and...
  8. Gone_in_60_seconds

    What is the smallest sedan used for LYFT/UBER in the GTA?

    Hello Community, just wanted to know what is the smallest sedan you have seen used for Uber? My friend who is a full time driver, advised me the smallest vehicle was a Honda FIT? Anyone seen a smaller vehicle used? And, do passenger mine to ride in a vehicle with no leg room? Especially if...
  9. Vishnu643

    Pros and cons to using your own car vs rental?

    So I been crunching numbers and thinking this over for a while now, and I've decided to come nearly to the decision that owning/financing is better than renting (leasing I'm sure is a monster all by itself and I won't bother with that). Here's what I've deduced thus far. Owning I don't have to...
  10. MrsCaLi

    Has anyone used the tire discounts from firestone?

    I need 2 new tires and I was thinking about using the coupon for firestone, not too sure how much wholesale tires are though so I can't really figure out how much it will be to get 2 new tires. Dealer was trying to rip me off as usual. Anyone have any experience?
  11. mobilads

    What kind of car do you drive?

    I'm curious to know what is the most popular type of car giving rides on the road today in NYC?
  12. QLDUberDriver

    Uber Knowingly Leased Unsafe Cars to Drivers (Sinagapore

    Before I read any new news on Uber I get this track ready for background music: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smoke, Then Fire: Uber Knowingly Leased Unsafe Cars to Drivers Uber driver Koh Seng Tian had just dropped off a passenger in a...
  13. Donkey

    Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck

    Is anyone out there running a Honda Ridgline wannabe pickup truck on UberX?
  14. F


  15. 450XD

    Short term PCO Vehicle hire (2 weeks max)

    Hi all, Me again, sorry about that. I have a simple question/dilemma. I am looking to hire a PCO Vehicle for 2 weeks with Ins,, I want to work as much as possible and as time allows during the period of 25/06 - 8th or 9th/07. I have been working for an events team in London and have had no...
  16. H

    Uber Xchange issues.PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE LEASING.

    Yesterday I went to have my car serviced and found out through my Honda (the Mall of GA location in Buford GA) that Uber Leasing had not paid my note in 3 whole months. I had to pay for my car servicing out of pocket. And if you have a leased car with Uber. You know that you are able to have...
  17. LAHertzXchangePartner

    Hello from Xchange Lease Partner in Los Angeles, Ca

    Hello from Los Angeles. My name is Douglas Chin and I work with a local dealership that offers only pre owned, newer model cars. Our dealership was just selected to collaborate in the Xchange Lease Program offered by Uber. And after reading many horror stories and speaking with actual clients...
  18. UberfromHell

    Has anybody in GTA leased a vehicle for Uber purposes?

    This is a question for anyone driving full time hours in Toronto. I don't know how legitimate this is, or how legal it is and I'm not in any way advertising or promoting them. I answered an ad on kijiji that was advertising cheap cars for uber purposes, so I met up with their rep in the suburbs...