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holiday weekend

  1. Zap

    What's your most memorable St. Patrick's Day Weekend Trip?

    Good, bad, funny or sad, what was your most memorable trip for the holiday Weekend? I was honored to provide transportation service for Mr. O'Brian, Consul General of Ireland, in town to kick off the Chicago St. Patrick's Day festivities. What's the odds, huh? Nice fellow, great chat!
  2. Cowboyup

    School is out on Monday. Three day weekend.

    :( Have fun with that. :eek: :confused:
  3. Fireguy50

    4th of July

    It's on a Monday, so it's a 3 day Holiday weekend. Be prepared, some people want to "strike", but realistically not a large percentage of the Uber Driver's are members of this site. So a "strike" would be silly. However it might be an oversaturated market, and a good weekend to stay home with...
  4. SteamFlyer82

    Booted from Cell Phone Parking Lot TIA!

    Ended my good mood. A gentleman in an airport cruiser approached my car and asked me to leave due to me being an Uber Driver. Today sucked, too. Surges not what was expected and did several drunk fares blocks from their requested location. #WeAreBeingTakenForARide
  5. cin90

    Anyone else getting back into the groove after the long weekend/vacation?

    Haven't Lyfted for almost a week due to my mini-vacation. Since I've only been Lyfting about 3 weeks at this point, I'm jonesing to get those rides in. It was a road trip and thought of things like: Using the 'Destination Filter' but was road-tripping with someone Lyfting in the city I was...