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  1. MikesUber

    Pittsburgh Penguins 2016 Stanley Cup Champions!

    Anyone drive after the game yesterday? I was right next to Consol right after the game, think it hit 2.6x which isn't extravagant but doable. Crowd was going crazy understandably, horns honking, people hanging out sunroofs. Traffic seemed to be managed nicely from what I saw, Fifth and Forbes...
  2. CancelMan

    Cardinal double dip

    I drove Friday night, when there were simultaneous Blues and Cardinal games. I thought there might be a lull after the games started, but I was busy all night, with many long trips. There wasn't much surge that I saw, 1.5x or so for short periods, and of course the only surge ride I got was a...
  3. HonkyTonkWoman

    Are Hurricaines Hockey Games Good Fares?

    Curious if you make good money or have surges before/after Canes games at PNC? Or are sports bars a better shot?