hire car

  1. G

    Looking to hire out a HC Hire Car Plates

    Hey guys, I'm looking to rent out hire car plates on a weekly basis for a reasonable amount. If anyone has something that is reasonable per week please let me know.
  2. 450XD

    Short term PCO Vehicle hire (2 weeks max)

    Hi all, Me again, sorry about that. I have a simple question/dilemma. I am looking to hire a PCO Vehicle for 2 weeks with Ins,, I want to work as much as possible and as time allows during the period of 25/06 - 8th or 9th/07. I have been working for an events team in London and have had no...
  3. G

    Looking for VHA cars for Uber Black in Melbourne

    Hi Guys, I was driving UberX and now want to start Uber Black. Looking for VHA cars on long time lease (set prize). Can anyone please inform me about it that any person / company offering VHA on lease for Uber Black in Melbourne?