1. Rahlo

    Can Someone Teach People In Central Denver How To Act?

    It almost got real last night when a dude in the Highlands (1) got in my car with a lit cig (2) jacks with my radio (3) starts talking trash. I had to read him the Riot Act before he got back in line. This NEVER happens to me in Montbello, N. Aurora, on Federal, or Commerce City. They know...
  2. R

    How easy is it to get a ride to DIA in early morning from Denver Highlands?

    Hello! I have an early morning flight tomorrow and think I'll need an uber pick up at about 5:30 a.m. How difficult is it to snag a ride and how far in advance should I book it? Also any idea as to the price range for this service from the Highlands neighborhood? Thanks very much for your expertise!