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  1. QLDUberDriver

    Fed up with Uber? Londoners now have a cheaper alternative

    Fed up with Uber? Londoners now have a cheaper alternative Uber faces a new challenger in London with the launch of a rival car-hailing app that promises to undercut the American giant on price as well as paying its drivers more. Taxify, an Estonian company that has spread across Europe...
  2. chi1cabby

    Check your Earnings Statements | Uber may be charging you 25%, even if you were at 20% initially!

    Three Makes A Trend, Right? Thread by Dinesh Patel Uber Fees. Thread by DJBaconBitz Just saw the drop to 75% Thread by rideshareron Uber raises their fee to 25% in Charlotte! These three Drivers were at 20% commission. Then mysteriously, Uber charged them 25% commission on last week's...
  3. chi1cabby

    Uber may Re-activate Waitlisted or Deactivated Accounts at Higher Commission

    Steve Gee is a San Francisco Driver who was onboarded at 20% commission before Uber_SF rolled out 25% Commission for New Drivers. https://m.facebook.com/groups/726773547343265?view=permalink&id=1027944293892854&comment_id=1028211657199451&notif_t=group_comment&ref=m_notif