1. U

    Help can anyone remember exact dates

    Hey Uber Family I need to try and find out a few dates if anyone know for sure and can post the answers and can let me know where they found it , I would really appreciate it. 1. Does anyone know when uber rolled out the New Rider app? Trying to get exact dates 2.Does anyone know when...
  2. Sarun

    i know you guys don't like this kind of questions but can you guys help me to figure out ?

    is bill of sales and temporary registration is good to pick up the plate from DMV? i heard somewhere in some cases they ask for title ?
  3. N

    The Smallest Accident Evr

    Hey. SO i just got in the smallest accident ever while driving for lyft. I'm in Express Drive, this is a rental through lyft and CarMax. I was dropping a passenger off, didn't click the button yet, and she scraped me. I was parallel parking, had my blinker on, was pulling in and she pulled...
  4. U

    HELP ME CREATE CHANGE . It’s show time.

    I need everyone help in creating the largest possible list of reason that you all feel that we are misclassified as Independant contractors . In other words what does Uber do that makes you feel like an employee . Now if you feel like you are an independent contractor I would love to hear why...
  5. Osaka88

    Help; pax vomited!

    Guys, just had my first pax vomit What do I do, where do I start?! I got photos of everything but now what, where can I get i cleaned, what do I do as a first response?!
  6. Tokichop

    Best way to get helps??

    Hey guys, I was wondering which is the best and quickest way to get technical helps.. I’ve called 24/7 phone support 9 times since it came out and they’re at a record breaking 0/9, their solution (provided on 5 different issues) was to delete the app and reinstall .. The hub in my area recently...
  7. Aar9704

    Too much drivers in Pensacola ??

    im not sure if it’s the summer or if we are having too much drivers but I haven’t been getting much pings lately. I’m in the 9 mile area and used to get pings all the time. My rating is a 4.95 with 100% confirmation rate but nothing just sitting online for hours. Yesterday (sunday) I got 1 ride...
  8. S

    Can I drive in New York with a PA license?

    I live about 15 miles from the city I want to drive in, but it's in another state (New York.) The closest PA city to drive in is 45 miles away. I'm still waiting to be approved to drive. My background check says "consider" and my license, insurance, and registration is approved. My profile...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Woman leaves mom ashes behind

    https://amp/s/ A woman is pleading to get her mother's ashes back after she left them in a bag inside an Uber car. Dina Miller posted a Facebook video begging for the return of her mother's...
  10. atl30096

    Atlanta blocks

    Anyone else in the ATL having issues finding blocks on a consistent basis? I started delivering at the beginning of May, and that first Friday I received 2 reserved blocks for the following week. I accepted both. Since then I’ve not seen any reserved blocks. I have, however, been able to find a...
  11. G

    Please Help Need Guidance On Situation

    So last night i was driving and i was hit by someone running a red. I technically was driving to pick someone up. I am not sure if i added that i was doing uber to my insurance ( i thought they notified my insurance when i gave uber all info when signing up) Essentially I will be doing a claim...
  12. upskid66

    Need Advice Rich Dont Tip

    So I need some advice. I got a delivery the other day to a muti million dollar home. I get that some people dont tip, say they forgot, cheap, etc. But I get to the door, hand him his food and I say to him "Beautiful House" he replies "Yea" then proceeds to close the door. I'm sure he gets this...
  13. E

    First day as an Uber driver HELP

    I just finished my first drop off , how ever right after I dropped him off I got a notification from Uber not letting me drive since I’m under review but I was cleared to drive obiously Idk what to do since I have a rental
  14. N

    Being a better driver

    Hey Uber drivers in LA/OC I was just curious what are some things you guys do to be better Uber drivers? I do the basic things like offer people water, gum, cigarettes (if they are of age) but is there anything else I could do? I get my car washed pretty regularly trying to keep it smelling...
  15. lady_goodman

    help! :[

    So I've been trying for 4 weeks now to solve this issue with Uber and have gotten nowhere - so now I'm looking for help elsewhere. I signed up to drive for Uber via their Zipcar partnership. I found out that that is really super inconvenient and never ended up using it. I've finally decided...
  16. A

    Turbotax says I owe 0 after expenses, but help me on this:

    I got this error: I really dont want to mail it in, i feel like if turbotax does it then I wont get audited, but if i have to mail in, of course i will. I really didn't end up with a profit last year but I didn't keep my receipts. I got all this info off my bank and credit card accounts going...
  17. B

    Just a few questions for Chicago

    I started driving in October as a part time gig and it was alright. I quit my job in December and started driving full time and it has been great until last week. It seems like without snow or rain it’s dead around here (Midway area) and even Lincoln Park area. So my questions to you guys are is...
  18. JesseHunt

    total newbie

    k so i just got my camry 2017 hybrid.... time to start driving... totally clueless as to get insuranse and tlc approved. maybe i should just google it. Any help here :)
  19. K

    Start up

    Just starting up and I just want to make sure I'm not setting myself up for failure. Any advice is much appreciated. :) I am cleared to be a driver... Do I need to apply for a GE License? If yes, how do I do it in Hawaii? Do I need to put the sticker on my dash? If yes, how do I get one? Is...