1. 450XD

    Frustrated beyond belief.

    Hi All, I wonder if you can all reassure me or tell me this is a new issue. I am applying to join Uber but every time I try and download my docs, licence details and DBS check details it fails to load. I have been in contact with Uber but they just don't seem to get the point that I am unable...
  2. A

    Can i deduct expenses on a car that I didn't own i 2015?

    My girlfriend and myself financed a car in 2015. At the time, my credit was really bad so we decided to put only her on the bank loan (lower interest rate), and the bank held the title (until we pay it off). After we financed the car, she was put on the vehicle registration but she added me on...
  3. M

    Considering driving for UBER Las Vegas

    I am a 32-year-old stay-at-home mom that has kids in school and was considering signing up to drive during the day mostly pick up and drop off's from the airport I'm hoping. I live in Henderson area and would be able to drive all over if needed. Do you think this is a good option or am I wasting...
  4. boltstatus

    Hey uber fam i need help!!!!!

    Hi my name is Branden and i was recently working with uber up until a week ago I got into an accident that damaged my car to the point that I cant drive for uber. Uber was my only source of income and transportation for my family. I'm unable to drive with the current damage to the car. I was cut...

    new app in nj eliminates support

    How are you guys emailing uber support now that the app has changed? I cannot find a place to email on the app or the dashboard anymore. They only offer preset questions that do not apply to anything important. Go figure.
  6. I

    Separating Driver & Rider accounts

    Hello! I'm not really a driver, but since I cannot find help online or with Uber Support I'm hoping you guys might know what to do. I'm a rider, but by mistake joined as a Driver as well. I asked Uber to delete my Driver account and to leave me as a Rider. After several emails I was escalated...
  7. Corder

    Real time advice and driver connections

    Need real time advice? Use GroupMe and search for: 1 of 3 groups Lyft Drivers Uber Drivers Uber and Lyft Drivers Simple common sense applies, no bashing other drivers, no name calling or spamming. You'll get booted/blocked from the group.
  8. R

    What is needed to start driving in the Metro East

    I understand there are too many drivers. Don't worry, I only intend to drive here temporarily. That being said, I began my uber application in the Chicago area. As a result, I began receiving e-mails detailing the requirements for driving in Chicago. This includes getting a city Uber sticker...
  9. Brandon010

    In need of in depth assistance as a new driver in the QC.

    Ive been all over public forums looki g for tips and tricks to tweak my profit for the better, however im only able to take away a few things that have worked and everything else has been garbage up to this point. 1. Turning car off while waiting for pax and trip requests 2. Not driving around...
  10. kkuebler13

    New driver help

    Im a new driver to uber, and will soon be driving for lyft. What are some of the best ways to maximize profit? Has anyone tried on-demand delivery services?
  11. Looking for answers

    Has any uber x driver had an accident and you've had to use your own full comp insurance?

    Hey everyone, I've been doing some serious reasearch on ubers insurance policies as well as my own personal insurance and my question is: Has anybody had to make a claim using your own personal full comprehensive car insurance yet? In the last month even? If so was your claim accepted? And...
  12. Dominc Scott

    Pax in possession of drugs?

    Ok, so this is my first post. I'm very new to this forum thing and new as an Uber driver. But I hit a bit of an issue with one of the riders I had. A few things you should know first: I live in North California but I work/drive in Los Angeles which is about two hours a day, Wednesday thru Sunday...
  13. AhmedTitef

    What should I do about the taxes?!

    Hello everyone. It is the first time I deal with taxes and stuff like that since i have been here in the states for 2 years. So i would like you guys to help me figure out these things. Thank you
  14. N

    How do you get event and city activity info

    Curious as to how you guys get information on what's going on in the city, events, street closures etc. Is there one place you can find it all or are you just collecting from multiple sources, radio, news, Dallas Observer, etc.?
  15. I

    Are the new driver signup websites down?

    I'm in Dallas. I've been trying since yesterday to sign up to drive, on my macbook, but no matter what route I take, I get an error message saying something about the DNS taking too long to respond, or alternately, that, "This webpage has a redirect loop. The webpage has resulted in too many...
  16. G

    Where to buy a tip box + charging station in one??

    I'm fuming. My boyfriend drives for Uber, his birthday is on the 9th of December and I want to get him a tip jar/USB charging station all-in-one. Three days ago I was searching online and etsy had some available like this I almost bought it but couldn't quite afford it yet, and now there are...
  17. C

    New driver in Need of Advice

    I very recently became a new driver in Chico California. The market starting here about a month ago combined with low gas prices, driving a 2005 Honda civic Manual, I felt like the demand was worth it. Even with these advantages, from what I hear from other UberX drivers, makes me hesitant...
  18. john welling

    daytime driving

    any thought on areas in Cleveland to maximize requests? i have been doing ok at night but anytime i do afternoon i usually get like 3-5 trips in as many hours help please
  19. Jared910

    Server Error, Cannot End Ride For 26 Hours Now

    For the last 26 hours, my Uber driver app has been stuck in a ride. When I try to end the ride, I just get "Server Error". I have tried literally everything to fix it, uninstalling app, turning off phone, resetting network settings, etc. All to no avail. This morning when I opened my app, I...
  20. A

    Changes over the last six months?

    Hi Guys! So, I have been reading UP for the longest time, but have not driven in about 6 months (give or take a few weeks). How much has it changed? Example: My first weekend driving (Friday night through Sunday night, save a few hours during the day and evening hours), I completed 37...