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  1. NJKG

    Uber telling me I have to complete a certain number of rides before I can receive tips?

    My app gives me no option to receive tips and riders have shown me that the app won't let them tip me because "I'm not accepting tips". Uber told me I have to complete a certain number of rides before tipping becomes available to me. Are they lying to me or are they telling the truth?
  2. lopez_11

    Your Like:Post Ratio must be at least: 1% (Yours: 0%) help

    Anyone just wanted to put day counter link and it didn't allow me/ Thank you
  3. nomogmos

    Uber counts "wait time exceeded" in your Cancellation Rates

    It appears that when you cancel, because uber tells you to when the wait time is exceeded, it is counted against you in your cancellation rate! About the only time I cancel, is when a POOL call exceeds the wait time and uber tells me to cancel. If uber tells me to cancel, uber should not...
  4. Bill 99

    Doesn't Lyft QC their rides?

    I have proof they do not quality control their rides or in house audit on a daily basis. You would think if an anomaly would occur such as calculate the time only on a fare and no milage especially on a long distance ride from LA to SF? I am amazed after bringing this to their attention over...