help a newbie

  1. Y

    Please Help! UberX Signup/Onboarding Process

    Hi guys so I recently got laid off from my work so I decided to do uberx trips I bought a 2017 corolla signed up got all the required documentation sent in, now my application status has not changed for 3 days. I have check Mark's on all the required documents , I know the next step is to do...
  2. Logan the legend

    Best BWI pickup times ....

    Hello , I hope everyone is safe and well. It may sound wrong I know it’s not good to drive in this time but my labor job is not there due to corona and I found Uber is good thing and couple people answered me that BWI airport is good to get pings in this time as well and I’m heartily thanks for...
  3. N

    Please help me with the locations in Scarborough to Uber from 7-11pm.

    Hi All, I am a new uber driver and finding it difficult to find busy places to do uber. I start near Scarborough town center. Please advise on where I can go to earn more between 7-11pm. and tell me the best time during wekeends to do uber. Its a new car so hoping i don't get people who would...
  4. Patti68

    Hi, I’m a fairly new driver, with a couple questions. The Uber app drops connection with my IPhone 7+. Of course I can’t show pick ups or drop off.

    I keep getting dropped while I drive, by my iphone7 and Uber app. Horrible, I’m unable to send or receive rider information or to have an needed address, directions and map are useless. This prevents me receiving or sending data. If I can’t fix this I’ll have to stop driving. When this happens...
  5. PerryUberGirl

    Driving for Lyft also?

    Hey, relatively new to Uber. Been driving a few weeks. I had a guy in my car the other day who signed me up for Lyft on the spot for a holiday promotion thing. Anyone ever hear of this? He gave me his business card with the referral code on it and said it was a $200 bonus to start. Any...
  6. L

    Advice wanted: lost iPhone

    Hi, everyone-- Please accept my apologies for posting on a drivers' forum even though I'm not a driver. I'd be very grateful if you could help me out. I lost my phone (with all the notes and pictures) in an Uber. I did contact the drivers (there were three trips that day), and they hadn't...
  7. B

    Driving in Chicago

    I live in Valparaiso, but work in Chicago. I want to drive in Chicago, but Uber tells me I can only register in one city. So if I change my city to Chicago, does that mean I can’t drive in Indiana anymore?
  8. B

    Driving in Chicago

    Can someone please help me out.....I live in Valparaiso but as most of you know there aren’t very many opportunities there. I want to drive in Chicago as this is where I also work. Uber tells me that I have to switch my city and I can only register in one city. So if I change my city to Chicago...
  9. M

    Delivery Driver App stuck in delivery

    Twice during a delivery I have received a Navigation error both times after I said the order was not ready. ( Not sure if cause or coincidence) Now my phone is stuck in the delivery and I can't get out of it. thoughts? help? is this happening to other people?
  10. N

    Being a better driver

    Hey Uber drivers in LA/OC I was just curious what are some things you guys do to be better Uber drivers? I do the basic things like offer people water, gum, cigarettes (if they are of age) but is there anything else I could do? I get my car washed pretty regularly trying to keep it smelling...
  11. BSki

    Advice for a newbie in OC (I read through 6 pages and didn't see anything)

    If I missed something I should have already read, be gently and nudge me in the right direction. Part time driver, 15-25 hours a week. Did the initial Lyft driving the short trips to get the perks and now that that is gone, trying to figure out if I can make decent (and I think $15+ an hour is...
  12. Samisb

    Newbie help?

    Hi everyone, I am new to forums (well not reading them just posting) and will be new to the Las Vegas area as well. I am trying to find out if it's lucrative for me to drive Uber/Lyft there as well. I am currently a driver for both in Denver, CO and I know it's really just hit or miss...
  13. L

    Brand new looking for advice!

    After reading a few threads seems like a generally woe is me or hard life is us mindset here. However, I have seen some helpful information too. Other than its it's not as good as it sounds. So my question is what tips would you have for a new uber driver. I'm getting inspected for lyft today...
  14. albenz

    noob here help =/

    so i moved from santa cruz and wanted to receive bonuses from orange/inland empire. they want me to go through the change city process that takes 2-3 weeks. was wondering if i can just sign up again but down here... any advice? i honestly just want those bonuses
  15. D

    New to Uber

    Hi everyone! So im a full time carpenter and work and average of 40-45 hours a week and i am considering driving uber for the extra dollars. I am just wondering if you guys think its worth me getting into this? Since i already work full time i am already paying insurance/rego and what not for...
  16. thirty4delta

    Cancellations ?! &[email protected]%! & changes

    Hi Everyone, I've been driving Lyft & Uber and cannot go one night without atleast 2 cancellations--usually unpaid. Is this typical in Tucson? Also, I can't change a rider's final destination or add stops in my Uber app. There is no"destination bar" like the tutorial says. Anybody else have...
  17. rr0724

    Looking for best body repair shop

    Hello to all. I am new here in UberPeople, so I apologize if I made a mistake on posting this thread. So I got into an accident(with pax inside my car), and I got a big "sideswipe" on the driver's side(fender, 2 doors, and possibly the sideskirt). Any recommendations in South OC, or maybe...
  18. MamaNia

    New here... Need advice for Orlando or Daytona or??

    Hi all! I want to start to drive for Uber or Lyft, here is my situation... I am from MA, I am visiting my Mom for a month and will be coming back often. I can drive in Orlando or Daytona, both would work. I LOVE Disney so Orlando seems to have my interest. I know the area pretty good because I...
  19. Doccy


    Hello Uber People, So I've signed up to become an Uber Partner for about 8 days now. My Uber Partner APP is still showing this msg " Congratulations, You've completed the driver sign up process. You'll be notified shortly once you're approved." Now I was told that this screening process will...
  20. Jrh23

    Online, but not online?

    So I just tried driving last night for the first time. I live in a town that is known for its bars, so around 12:30 I went and sat downtown and went online and waited. Nothing for 2 hours. As I watched several thousand people leave the bars over those 2 hours, many of them climbed into an Uber...