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  1. L

    Advice wanted: lost iPhone

    Hi, everyone-- Please accept my apologies for posting on a drivers' forum even though I'm not a driver. I'd be very grateful if you could help me out. I lost my phone (with all the notes and pictures) in an Uber. I did contact the drivers (there were three trips that day), and they hadn't...
  2. Cou-ber

    Need a Kind Hearted, Karma Seeking Do-Gooder with Truck\SUV

    I'm at Hillcroft\Beechnut area. I need to pick-up a queen mattress and box spring in Friendswood (77546). We could meet at p/u place??:/// I can pay...not much but enough. It has to happen after 7:30. Pm me please and thank you if you might be able... OR can a queen mattress and box spring be...