1. iDriveThere

    Introducing, from Springfield, IL, Uber/Lyft Driver: iDriveThere

    Good day to you all...I am in Springfield, IL (though the city listed on this forum is apparently Springfield, MO) and I am looking forward to reading and learning and conversing as much as possible. This is a much welcome addition to my new driving experience - I've been at it for just over 2...
  2. Chicago Blues

    1,500 rides in Chicago

    Hi from Chicago, center of the universe! I've been driving here for a couple of years. I'm 1,100 rides with Uber 4.8 and 500 rides with Lyft 4.9 I live on the north side and drive mostly during morning rush and on weekends, though in the past I have driven at all hours. Right now I'm...
  3. SupaClose


    Just introducing myself to the community here. Im originally from Brooklyn, NY. Been in Atlanta for about 6 years but travelled back and forth alot in the first few, so I feel like im brand new here. Anyway hello everyone, hope to meet cool people and learn some things about the city and...
  4. Joel Hebrink

    Saying Hello

    I've been doing Uber very part-time for about 4 months, and just recently made the decision to do it consistently as a good part time gig. Thx for all the useful info on this board. Uber On!
  5. G

    Hey there from Houston

    Hey there! I'm sorta new to Uber (less than 60 days in) and am really not feeling this Uber thing. Houston doesn't have enough consistent demand and it is mostly near our downtown areas. I'm in the suburbs driving an XL vehicle so it can be slow for me. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I hope...