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hell of a night

  1. Zap

    The Trip From Hell

    We've all heard about rides from hell, well I had mine yesterday. Accepted a ride request near Lake & Ashland around 7 PM last night. Picked up 2 girls which 1 of 'em was unconscious and was placed in my car by the club bouncer. After the bouncer placed the girl in my car, he indicated she's...
  2. U

    Uber Application Process Change Nightmare... Is it worth it????

    Over 10 years ago, I went though an intersection in Canberra and was snapped by a red light camera. I did not have a fixed address at the time and had a conviction recorded against me in absence (based on the date of the offence and going overseas). On December 23, 2015 I went through the Uber...
  3. Mshad

    Best tip ever?

    Alright so I've had great tips but I think this one tops them all. So a little back story before I begin. I live in Hawaii, drive fuber and lyft. The probowl is in town like most every year. Last night I was out driving and doing the evening-bar closure shift I got a pickup from this new high...