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heat map

  1. D

    Lyft Driver App Bugs

    Has anyone noticed new bugs since Lyft basically made the new Driver App and made it even worse when they removed PT %? I feel like Lyft is trying to figure things out as much as we Drivers are... Bugs I/We have noticed so far: - Limited Prime time heat map : Driver Map shows Prime time...
  2. RUSSREED2.0


    Hello everyone this is chicken news with the weather update. ITS GOING TO BE HOT... TIPS FOR YOU. (1) No waiting more than 10 mins at LAX. SERIOUSLY, you'll pass out. WHICH means Ignore POOL!!! UNLESS you're going swimming (2) No speeding, dont burn out your engine. (3) Drink water for...
  3. Lyft_94110

    Heat map has nothing to do with displayed Prime Time percentage

    I noticed yesterday -- and I think it's been true for a few days -- that the "heat map" display no longer matches the Prime Time percentage displayed at the top of the window. For example: When we see more than one color of pink, we would expect the "Prime Time" percentage at the top of...
  4. U

    Jersey Shore - Invisible Surge

    In the past week, I have received a few alerts on my phone saying that there is a surge in my town. I noticed the alert as soon as it appeared, and I immediately went into the partner app. No sign of a surge. My town spans many miles, so the surge could be anywhere (if it exists). Today, I...
  5. R

    Atlanta vs. San Francisco

    I'm from San Francisco but have been living in ATL for a few years. The new surge map works perfectly for a city the size of San Francisco. Very small compacted city where everybody is living elbow to elbow or on top of each other. The new surge map is killing Atlanta drivers. ATL Metro area is...
  6. FAC

    PAX- Heat Maps

    I thought Uber heat maps show up in pax application but I've never seen them before. My driver app shows surge pricing, pax app doesn't show anything. So I requested a ride and then it showed a surge. Did something change? Here is drivers app Pax App My test request: Am I doing...
  7. galileo5

    Inconsistent heat map online vs offline

    Has anyone noticed that the heat map isn’t as active offline versus online? I will have to log into the app to see where active surges are b/c it seems viewing the heat map offline is often stale. Other times, I won’t see a heat map at all. Another way they’re discouraging us from being offline.
  8. Troter

    Tired of the iPhone 5 S issues with Uber Partner's app...

    Last Night It says surge pricing if I look on any other pages at the TOP, besides the Partner App, but go to the Partner App NO COLOR. ..... Since October I have been having problems with my Partner and iPhone 5 S.. I have dealt with inconsistent Since October with the heat map, it shows up...
  9. Uberculosis

    Sherpashare heat map vs Partner app heat map

    Today around 2:30 in the afternoon I opened up the Sherpashare app and looked at the heat map, then did the same in the partner app. They seem to be the exact opposite of one another. The Sherpashare map shows eastern collier being more busy than the western portion of the county. Wtf?
  10. Envisionit

    Is anyone else using SherpaShare heat maps and mileage tracking app?

    I've just downloaded the app after reading a blog on rideshare companies. It seems to have some really great features that helps you keep track of mileage for end of year tax issues, as well as a HEATMAP feature that s worth checking out... Plus it shows you your earning info too. Check it...
  11. punkdali

    New heat map of South Florida

    http://ubersouthflorida.com/high-times-and-high-areas/ Unless you wanna work from fort Lauderdale to Boca, then your out of luck.
  12. Laz Yoldlug

    Their game, their rules, their ball..

    The "Surge" Heat Map is purely bait & switch. It's the proverbial carrot that they dangle in front of our nose. A glimmer of hope that as drivers we will be fairly compensated for our time and actual running costs. Now you see it....the very next second, POOF! it's gone! I'd love to know the...

    New Partner App in CT

    Uber officially announced the new partner app will be available in the next few days in CT. I spoke to another driver today already using the app. The heat map hasn't changed yet. I don't have the new app, but just curious to see how many people have it in CT and when they got it. Please...