1. IDriveGNV

    What is your strategy for dealing with CoVid-19 while driving?

    Here's a poll to give us an idea whether our fellow drivers are prepared for what may come. My personal strategy is to get into place my safety protocols long before a local case is confirmed. How are you dealing with it? I ran out of choices in the poll to include "quit driving," so if that's...
  2. Mista T

    Driving related injuries

    Driving for Uber (and Lyft) can cause long term health injuries, some that you might not think of. We think of diet, circulation, and that sort of thing, but there are other serious issues that drivers need to be aware of, and perhaps take care to avoid causing themselves permanent damage...
  3. Attockpak1


    So another member made a post about fatty liver and as expected everyone's thinks alcohol... well there is such a thing as non-alcohol fatty liver disease brought on by excessive central obesity... Anyway got me thinking how many of you guys and gals do your year physicals which include annual...
  4. nikkiheat

    Weight loss tips?

    Need to lose some weight but I'm not a big fan of working out. Do you have any weight loss tricks actually worked for you? Any diet maybe?
  5. MiaJay


    Seems like a bunch of you are on keto. I'm sure the ones who aren't probably could benefit from it (because uber is bad for the belly). So I'm stressing this thread for anyone who needs help, advice, tips, etc. I lost 110lbs in 5 months on it so I can confirm it works.
  6. kennedysimone

    Ever driven someone to the emergency room?

    Hello! My name is Kennedy Simone and I'm a reporter for the Columbia Missourian. I'm working on a story about people using Uber instead of ambulances to get to the emergency room. Would any local drivers like to share their experience with that?
  7. SEAMT

    Uber Health will get patients to and from the doctor

    Uber Health with get patients to and from the doctor Article by CNN, author Sara Ashley O'Brien Uber is launching a new service that will help out patients who need rides to and from their doctors. Uber Heath will partner with health care providers, who will be able to schedule rides for...
  8. Dan Smith

    What's your go to Healthy Snack(s) while driving?

    Hi all, I've become a fat uber driver mostly because I eat nothing but fast food and drink sugary drinks all day while driving. I'm looking for some good healthy snacks that I can eat while in-between passengers that don't stink or create a big mess. Any ideas?
  9. Madison Alder

    What do you do for medical coverage? Retirement?

    Hello there, My name is Madison Alder and I'm a reporter with Bloomberg BNA in Washington. I'm working on a couple of stories about how workers in your industry -- "the gig economy" -- gets benefits, and I need your voices. What do you currently do for medical coverage? How could an Obamacare...
  10. L

    Health Exam

    Hello, can anyone tell me what the requirements are for the health exam. What form do I need? Thank you.
  11. Maven

    Exercise While Driving

    Driving is a sedentary activity, which is notorious for creating numerous health issues, led by becoming overweight. Just walking around your car between fares can make a big difference. While having a personal exercise regime or joining a gym may be good for some, it is not for everyone. I'd...
  12. Dannnnnnnny @ The Ringer

    How will you be affected by changes to the American Health Insurance system?

    Hi everyone! My name is Daniel Varghese. I'm writing a story for The Ringer about how the proposed changes to the American health insurance system will affect workers in the gig economy. I'm looking to talk with anyone who drivers for Uber, Lyft, or Juno, or freelancers for any other companies...
  13. Maven

    Excercise while Ubering

    Too much time sitting down may spell bad news for your health. Driving is a sedentary activity. Long term increased sedentary time may result in increased risk of obesity...
  14. RedoBeach

    Uber Now Promoting Slow Kill?

    Why in the world does Uber feel it necessary to promote me getting a flu shot? No thanks, I'll steer clear of government vaccinations as long as I have the freedom to do so.. Could this be the Goldman Sachs behind them? There is a reason flu shots are so heavily promoted on every corner and...