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  1. Berry mian

    Agree or disagree ??

    So as a Uber or Lyft drivers I think we need those changes Atlest I don’t care if we are not employe 1) mile rate should be $1.75 after Uber percentage 2) time rate should be $ 0.25 per mint after Uber take out 3) any trip over 15 miles. After 15 miles it should be times two automaticity...
  2. J

    trade dress or fine

    Today is Oct 1 and all drivers supposed to have uber logo in bottom right corner of windshield. A friend warned me that some local law enforcement are salivating at the prospect of making some money in fines. They will be on the lookout for drivers to fine if they dont have trade dress. Since...
  3. thatman889

    how to get uber to approve you for boston

    I singed up for uber for hartford since i live in CT and thats where my license and car are from, but i have quickly realized the pay rates in CT are not that good, at least compared to boston. Tried out providence but the per mile rate is worse, higher per minute but really not enough to make...
  4. Maven

    Self-Driving Cars Coming to Connecticut

    Four Connecticut cities to test self-driving cars NEWS12CT May 24, 2017 Four cities in Connecticut are getting ready to pilot a program for self-driving cars. A bipartisan bill passed the state Senate to create the program and now heads to the House of Representatives. The idea is to find if...
  5. Maven

    Greenlight Hub Locations in Connecticut

    There are 3 Greenlight Hub Spots in Connecticut, where you may talk to a real human being, a Greenlight In-person Support. When email support is too slow, does not understand your question, or does not provide a sufficient answer then I recommend you try a Greenlight. They were also giving out...
  6. J

    UberEATS coming to Hartford

    I just got an email fro uber letting me know UberEATS will be starting in Hartford in a few weeks. I guess I better keep that insulated bag in my vehicle now. It still bugs me there is no tipping option . I'm going to have some biz cards made up that will tell customers tips are not included but...
  7. J

    new bradley rules

    got an email yesterday detailing new rules at bradley. any airport staff including those annoying security guards can now approach you and demand to see your current waybill on your app. they can also ask you for your ID, registration and insurance. By asking for your waybill that assumes your...
  8. J

    Uber cruel joke

    last week hartford area, lots of good morning rides and surges Uber then sends out texts to everyone stating wake up early and work from 6am-8am to make $34 per hour. of course they know by sending out a mass text is going to increase the amount of drivers out there and in turn kill surges and...
  9. J


    I was recently at union station new haven. I decided to stick around and watch what was going on. there were a lot of drivers hanging around this place. they were all across the street either in the metered parking spots or in this lot across from the bus stop. It looked like many of these...
  10. J

    Upfront pricing during pitbull?!

    i was watching apps around 11pm to see if the concert would surge. I saw no surging at all on driver app. On the rider app th surge icon wasn't appearing above the platform buttons either. So I figure there is no surge tonight . I then tap on uber x and xl to look at prices. To my surprise they...
  11. J

    Summer concert surges

    anyone seeing any surges when these Hartford concerts get out? I happen to be near Hartford last night. When I wasn't giving a ride I was trying to watch to see if s surge would show btw 1030-11pm. During Lat night concert by slipnut I didn't see any surge. That's disappointing considering I...
  12. J

    The Donald is coming

    Secret service is flying in The Donald into Bradley around 5pm and taking him into downtown Hartford. Traffic is supposed to be a major nightmare, Thousands of people are supposed to show up and start arriving downtown by 4pm. I91 may very well be shut down while they wait for secret service to...
  13. J

    any problems at bradley?

    I drove a couple of riders to bradley . they told me that during the snowstorm, while trying to get a ride, an airport official told them either Uber has been or will be banned from the airport. Has anyone else heard anything or had problems picking up?