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  1. Edman

    Does Discrimination and Harassment Apply to Contractors?

    The way Uber is treating Drivers does below question apply? "Does discrimination and harassment apply to contractors?" Question comes up due to some drivers receiving special text or emails for example below links. https://uberpeople.net/threads/big-bonus.150453/ Is this not considered...
  2. K

    Sexual harassment from an UBER DRIVER on my birthday

    I don't care about the lousy $4.00. I want and am entitled to: -the driver being accountable in a court of law for his disturbing sexual advances and unsolicited actions towards me. -an apology from the two reprehensible representatives that laughed and did not escalate or handle the situation...
  3. H

    Have you ever made a pax friend?

    I had a rider who did Uber for a year before it blew all the way up. He said he made friends that he still keeps in touch with. The guy was about 49 and handsome as heck. We had a good talk with another pool passenger. I was still surprised he developed such intimate relationships with so many...
  4. Uber Gold member

    Lax parking lot unsafe

    I am a female and am terrified of LAX parking lot. I always get harrased by other Uber drivers- males of course. Its not a one time incident. Guys literally try to break into my car while I am inside. Not sure if to try to rape me or try to get my attention. Uber has no security at the lot...
  5. G

    Harassment from Taxi Driver

    My mother was harassed at the State College airport the other night by a taxi driver simply because he thought she was an Uber driver. My mother has white hair and drives a patched up minivan. He started harassing her as soon as she pulled up, yelling at her through her closed windows and...