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  1. V


    Hey everyone, My name is Virginia Peery, and I'm a licensed insurance agent with the Ciamborne Allstate agency in Virginia Beach. Allstate is one of the only companies that doesn't make you carry a commercial policy to drive for Uber. I can set you up with a personal auto policy that has an...
  2. PilotJ

    Not worth eating the tolls...... you think?

    While "on the system" this weekend I got a request that was 8 minutes away (I was near ODU) from a rider in Portsmouth. I accepted the fare, crossed the tunnel to get to the rider. Picked up the rider only to take the rider less than a mile over to High St. for the minimum $5.90 fare. After...
  3. Trying in Norfolk

    Driving in Norfolk, VA / Hampton Roads

    Just sticking my hello up! Been driving in Hampton Roads since August. Nothing too crazy. 3 pukers and had a girl dent my car when I told her I could not accommodate 10 people.