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hampton roads

  1. W

    Ubereats Boosts?

    Hi there. I live in Williamsburg and only deliver ubereats. I signed up in Richmond because it was busy and had good boosts but hate having to drive there all the time. Now that ubereats is in Williamsburg could someone tell me if there are normally boosts available in the Hampton Roads area...
  2. V


    Hey everyone, My name is Virginia Peery, and I'm a licensed insurance agent with the Ciamborne Allstate agency in Virginia Beach. Allstate is one of the only companies that doesn't make you carry a commercial policy to drive for Uber. I can set you up with a personal auto policy that has an...
  3. M

    Are there too many UberEATS drivers in Hampton Roads?

    So I’ve been doing UberEATS for about 6 months now, not old enough to Uber. In my prime, I was able to get upwards of 20 deliveries a day. In the last month, I’ve been lucky to get about 10. So my question is, do you think that the Uber/UberEats system is over-crowded in Virginia Beach? I am...
  4. BSB

    New to Hampton Roads...

    I recently moved to the area and wanted to know if it was worth it to continue driving here. I drove for a couple years in San Diego CA. the money was pretty solid there. I only drive part time and could normally clear 2-300 a night (4-5 hours) on a weekend and half that on a weekday of I chose...
  5. E

    Military Base Access

    All I'm just starting to drive in the area and trying to do as much research as I can ahead of time. However one thing has me stumped; I've been digging around google\forums and cant seem to find a clear definitive answer to this question. Can I pick up\drop off pax on base as a plain old...
  6. L


    Uber income is pricing below the break even point. I really enjoy Driving for Uber and meet a lot of interesting people and the extra money is great. I have only been driving for about 6 months but last Friday I did 6 rideshares and my gross earnings were about $35.00 , which came out to a...
  7. kap0814

    hi everyone!

    Just want to say, Hi! I've been driving for a few weeks in Hampton, Va and just signed up to the forum
  8. chi1cabby

    Uber shuts down Norfolk Airport Service; balks on signing the same agreement that Lyft signed

  9. PilotJ

    Not worth eating the tolls...... you think?

    While "on the system" this weekend I got a request that was 8 minutes away (I was near ODU) from a rider in Portsmouth. I accepted the fare, crossed the tunnel to get to the rider. Picked up the rider only to take the rider less than a mile over to High St. for the minimum $5.90 fare. After...