1. PioneerXi

    Lyft Community Digest

    Lyft’s latest propaganda and lies arrived yesterday (Oct 29) but not seen until this morning. Interesting approach to their driver profile how one of their drivers reports on their night...which hasn’t happened yet.
  2. PioneerXi

    Halloween Quest

    15 for $18, Friday and Monday. Such generosity. I could probably do that just on Friday. My last quest offer was the Memorial Day 10 for $100.
  3. L

    Staying home on Halloween

    I was driving last year and fell for the whole: it’s a high earning night bull. I got stuck in WeHo and made a whopping 15 bucks. Uber didn’t update their mapping with street closures and that got me in trouble. I’m staying home and good luck to the greedy.
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    Mr. Police Does Not Like Purple.

    Around 2am last night, I get a PAX going from Mississauga to Hamilton. That is a $50+ ride, no problem, I will take that 30 min ride. Before heading back to the GTA, I figured, I'm at bar-close hours in the Hammer, might as well see if there are any pings on LYFT. It was wall-to-wall...
  5. DrinkSoda


    I wonder how many people are licking their chops for the upcoming weekend... Historically, Halloween weekend has been the second busiest period for rideshare. Right behind NYE. Case in point: Halloween fell on a Friday in 2014. Weather that day was some of the worst conditions to be out. Rain...
  6. GeladaMate


    Will you be driving ,and if so, will you also part take in the fun by wearing a costume? I call dibs on deadmjle
  7. Mista T

    driver Halloween costumes

    Who is wearing a costume for Halloween driving, and what is it going to be? Are you going cheap, or all out?
  8. Lissetti

    Halloween Ants

    Who's driving? Who's not? Its midweek so what are the expectations? What if it rains? Will that also put a damper on the pax festivities? Also, who's dressing up? Hint, I'm driving and I'll probably be dressed as Letty.
  9. Mista T

    Paying for Halloween boost...

    Did anyone here do it? If so, how did it go, was it worth it?
  10. warrior lady

    Why No Big Boost Zones or Lyft Incentives for Halloween Night?

    I realize that this past weekend was the “Main Event”, but I thought there would still be decent incentives for Halloween night? I think college kids will still go out and some of DC Millenials.. maybe just not out as late as Saturday night. - Any Ideas or Incentives ( Lyft doesn’t seem to give...
  11. smoran26

    Anyone driving RI/Providence for Halloween

    I'm plotting the shifts I'll work for Halloween and planning the locations I'll hit. Obviously there will be some party goers in Providence tonight. Wondering if there will be any surge? Anyone have the latest on weather tomorrow and thoughts on how it might impact demand/drivers on the road...
  12. Mista T

    Halloween weekend saga

    Day one, Friday. Began early afternoon, Went until about 330am. Nothing too crazy. Only 3 or 4 real costumes in my vehicle. Catwoman was the best. There was a jail guard and his female inmate, they smelled like an ashtray, but still good costumes. There were two seriously overweight gentlemen...
  13. Toonces-the-cat

    Your wallet wins this Halloween

    Really? My wallet has not won betting on Uber for the last two years. It's one of the biggest weekends of the year. (That is why we have found a way to supress the serge) We expect to see increased ride requests on the evenings between Friday (10/27) and Tuesday (10/31). (But don't expect...
  14. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Tips for Halloween from Uber

    Tips for a spooktacular Halloween Hear from fellow drivers on how they prepare for a Hallowinning weekend. When to call your rider "Usually after two minutes I call if they don't show up." - Erik, Chicago When driving in busy or loud areas, communicating directly with riders can help...
  15. Lady Driver LBC

    Pay Uber to Earn More?

    Any of you see this vid or receive this offer? Apparently Uber sent out a promotion offering to pay certain drivers more the week before Halloween, 33% more, for a fee of $115. Would you do it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT: To anyone who gets this offer and actually opts in - PLEASE report back on...
  16. Richard Cranium

    Halloween driving..

    And your reasoning, please discuss.. This should get interesting! RC
  17. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver pulls gun on Halloween Party goers

    I guess that's one way of showing them Enhanced video: Pops out of moonroof and points pistol around. Happened in front of Dat Dog on the corner of Frenchmen and Chartres in New Orleans.
  18. Toonces-the-cat

    The scariest thing about Halloween

    The is no surge. Last year it was beet red. BEET RED. I made big bucks. This year I am home watching Dexter with my lactose intolerance cat.
  19. Bishop1

    Tonight? (Halloween)

    Saturday was the big day in Morgantown with 30,000 WVU students partying for halloween. What are the expectations for tonight (Halloween)?
  20. Billyboob

    Gun pressed against my face while I was driving last night... happy Halloween!

    To be clear, let's assume that this was a plastic gun, because when your eyes are on the road, how can you tell if that drunk idiot in the back seat is pressing a fake gun or a real gun against your face? So last night, after waiting 5-6 minutes for pax to show up, one sits in the front and two...