halloween weekend

  1. A

    Curious.. How much did you make this weekend

    I'm a new uber driver. I picked up just after the game last night at AT&T stadium. Rider told me that one of his friends paid 190$ from stadium to downtown dallas... Is that possible? I took him downtown too and his fare was less than 25$ Is it best to stay online when near surge areas or...
  2. LALyftDriver

    Lyft Deactivated Vehicle Inspection

    I just got my Lyft driver account deactivated today, Saturday 10/29, the biggest night of the year. It sated I needed to get a vehicle inspection. I noticed it after my first ride today. I was at 44 rides for the week and needed just one more to get the $175 incentive (for giving 45 rides this...
  3. Ghwwe72

    Am I missing out on a lot by not driving tonight

    I don't think I really want to deal with the craziness of everyone going to Halloween parties tonight! I went out and drove from 7Am to 1Pm on Lyft this morning made almost $200! Am I missing out on a lot by not driving tonight?