1. QLDUberDriver

    Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People

    "Ethics? Never heard of that word before, Oh you mean ethnics, we have plenty of those :)" Travis (Not really a quote from him but Im sure he has worse thoughts.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New York Attorney General launches...
  2. sUBERu2u

    I fell for "The Call": Pax Hacked my driver account and email.

    Maybe it's pointless to put this out there since most people wouldn't be as stupid and gullible as I was but just in case. I had not heard of this before, but I see now searching the forum it's common. Tonight I picked up an Uber Pool Filipino woman in a residential neighborhood. Not at a...
  3. Mole

    Is uber under attack from hackers?

    I myself have had issues with the app not giving me pings I see people posting x11.1 boost pics in down town San Francisco people not getting paid and insta pay taking 3 to 5 days to post also some reports of people -$70,000 in there earnings report. Did uber piss of the wrong people who are...
  4. Karl Marx

    Warning: Rogers just informed me of Hackers trying to get password at UP

    Just a reminder. At 3:20 PM I had an attack on my computer while on the UberPeople.net site. I recently changed my WIFI settings and upgraded my security password via Rogers. The Uber People screen disappeared and a Rogers screen popped up to inform me of a attack that was in progress while on...
  5. circle1

    Is there a way to see pings coming in without being logged-in to your partner account?

    Too bad there wasn't some way to see pings without being logged-on with your account. If a hacker could make an app to do that they would be rolling in money quite quickly (imo)!