1. UbereatsKENT

    Cheater HELP needed

    Dear members , readers , mods. If I may I would like to ask for your help . Where I work in Strood Kent theres an individual on a scooter delivering for uber eats. Tthis guy in his red SH scooter keeps getting all the orders.Him and his white box scooter are always getting pings,all the time...
  2. B

    Doordash carelesness with my account caused me to lose almost $500 in earnings!!!

    I have been a decently performing Dasher for the last several months. But for the past several weeks you have not rewarded my hard work with honest and competent support. On 8/14/18 my account was hacked and my earnings of $147 were stolen. My fault: I was fooled by a caller impersonating...
  3. KingEsmo

    How to defeat the hackers!

    start identifying the loyal Ubereats drivers by thier mobile phone MAC address: BO:OM:TH:AN:KM:EL:AT:ER SUBERMAN 2 the rescue! leave me alone moderators. I do this for fun. Where’s my ethical hackers? Any other ideas?
  4. N

    Major Hacker on Uber Eats Has Crippled Us

    Hey, I've been meaning to sign up and post this issue for a while now but out of all the furious anger and long hours I do it hasn't been possible. I quit my main job around six months ago to focus on UberEats full time. My previous job/s were very abusive and I found solace with UberEats as I...
  5. JohnnysUber123

    Scam or Not

    So I was riding along and received a ride request and accepted it. When I accepted it no address would come up and the screen read "navigation err" but waze was able to direct me, so I drove along. bout a minute into my drive the phone rang, with an uber # so I answered it. The person...
  6. circle1

    Is there a way to see pings coming in without being logged-in to your partner account?

    Too bad there wasn't some way to see pings without being logged-on with your account. If a hacker could make an app to do that they would be rolling in money quite quickly (imo)!
  7. UberAnt39

    Hey Uber children - Hacker days are over.

    Just a note to the children at Uber presumably busy hacking together today's latest app update (the one we'll get around 5.15-5.30 today so they can get off to the Playa, QA be dmned), there was a great story in Wired or Vanity Fair recently. When facebook came under direct fire from google with...
  8. BettIaGuy

    Fake trip requests to deter me from driving

    I just signed on for the first time in almost two months since the rates were slashed, but only did so to remain active. My plan was to take one trip (if one would come in) and then go silent again until the rates go back up when I may drive again on a regular basis. Shortly after I signed on, I...