1. Lissetti

    Pax Account Hacked. Ant Reaps the Benifits

    Everett woman says Uber account hacked, used across country An Everett woman said someone got into her Uber account and spent hundreds of dollars in just minutes from across the country. “I just got a thing that said your Uber is a minute away,” Angelia Herman said. When she received that...
  2. SMH Uber

    Anyone else having issues with the app?

    I couldnt complete the trip. no matter how many swipes I tried. After several tries i got an error occurred message. Then it told me to logout. I logged out and tried to log back in and it is saying my password is in valid. I was able to login from browser. I even tried the forgot password with...
  3. C

    Account hacked - No phishing call

    My driver account was hacked today immediately after I arrived at the Uber parking area at my local airport. I know this based on the time Uber sent an email saying my email address had been changed. I have not given anyone any of my information and did not receive a call or have a ride...
  4. Jms

    Instant pay- account hacked?

    My instant pay stopped working yesterday and Uber said my bank sent a code saying the card was lost or stolen. My bank denies this and the card works everywhere else. The money is in limbo. Is it possible hackers got into my Uber account? Uber is of course just replying with robot information...
  5. R

    FIY: Bell got hacked

    100,000 people’s info accessed but some sites say it is only name and emails. Probably should change your password and watch your accounts though.
  6. Mustanguy

    I Got Scammed!

    I’m a part time driver and decided to do a couple of rides yesterday evening. My second ping came just after dark from ‘Amanda’, so I head to the pickup point. I have my destination set for the airport and the pickup is at a hotel so I’m thinking, score, a good fair and a possible quick turn...
  7. Erin Spaht

    "power driver bonus" hack

    Hi - I'm a news producer at WUSA9 and looking to produce a story about Uber drivers getting hacked by Power Driver Bonus phishing. If you are interested in sharing your experience, how Uber resolved your issue, etc., please contact me at (202) 895-5556 or [email protected] Here's the story we...
  8. Zoran Polic

    Account Hacked - Any advice?

    My account seemed to have been hacked last night. Someone called me to tell me I had received a fraudulent riding request from Katie and instructed me how to cancel it from my driver app. I was not suspicious and complied. He started asking me questions to verify my username and phone number...
  9. Canteev

    Funny thing just happened

    So obviously someone hacked into my account on Uber. I happen to get access to the rider account, and I can't believe what I just saw. I called my bank to send me a new debit card, so the old one on file cannot be used. Well, I checked the payment on files, and I see that whoever had access...
  10. Canteev

    How is it out there tonight

    I am certain that my account has been hacked, as my email address isn't even recognized anymore. I keep getting stupid texts and emails in Chinese, so I know something is up. I put a block on my debit card, so I hope that stops anyone from using my account(is that good enough?). As of right...
  11. U

    Avoid Getting Charged For Trips You Never Took

    Many riders that use Uber have been blaming Uber for trips that they never took. Uber responded and said that there was no security breach to Uber systems. Guess what people! I’d hate to break to you, but the only person you can blame is yourself, but it’s okay! Not everyone is tech-savvy. I...
  12. V

    Lyft Pax Referral Code Hacked?!

    Why when I log onto my lyft dashboard does the date for my passenger referral code say 12/31/69, when I started driving for lyft on 7/16/14. This didn't change until I gave someone my passenger referral code, who I think maybe also a lyft driver and didn't tell me. Is it possible this code has...