ha ha

  1. New2This

    400 New Uber Drivers Coming Soon

    Wonder if the jism satchel that gave us the arrow logo is among them? https://www.businessinsider.com/uber-layoffs-global-marketing-team-2019-7 1564432401
  2. DeplorableDonald

    A beautiful sight...

    Love how the low Boosts are working out. If you'd made the Boosts higher I would've made plans to be out there. Since you went the cheap way I'm not. Let it burn...
  3. New2This

    Xchange Lease Buyout

    Anyone else doing Xchange Lease get a 'survey' seeing if you want to buy out your lease? Part of me wants to if they'll negotiate. Part of me wants to drive the living shit out of it, rack up even more miles, then turn it back with a kajillion miles on it so that they take a bigger bath on it.

    New Uber Service

    **New Duber Service** -Introducing a new late night "DOOBER DRIVE-TRHU"- Now providing great service with a smile to your late night local Pax (MORE LIKE LOCO PAX), anywhere near you. !!MUTHA-FUHKAZ!! Shieeet... I told them stank asses they "BETTER act right and think twice if y'all ever...