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  1. Halfmybrain


    As passenger disembarked, I shined my flashlight in the back seat area as always: "You got everything?" Yep--everything except for a white splatter spot on the dark cloth seat, RIGHT where her derrier had been. Yep, gum. Maybe from a bus bench or a door stoop after the all night club. Easy...
  2. Yam Digger

    The Stuff Uber Wants Us To Give To Our Pax

    Well lo-and-behold, this little missive landed in my inbox from The Mothership. https://www.uber.com/en-CA/blog/top-car-items-riders-love/?state=pfQqUHSHbV8CJ1Ya_vz5zDDt1eTF33ic_fp_hpUIJMU=&_csid=WrSLnsXeIwE7zBiYW2zzxA#_ Let’s break down this nonsense item-by-item: Phone Charger Yeah, I got a...
  3. BuberDriver

    Gum on shoes/luggage

    Yesterday I had a guys luggage in my trunk. Today when I look in my trunk I notice his roller wheel must have had gum stuck to it because there is a line of gum on the carpet of my trunk. (It was nighttime when I picked him up and I didn't see it at the time). Should I tell Uber and ask for him...