1. Libertyfare

    Guarentee the Joke's on you driver

    I doubt I qualified for the guarantee last night. Seems no one told the pax they had to go to a designated area for pickup. I don't even recall getting any notification about the H7 area for Carter Finley Stadium myself. Had to cancel some no shows and they are turning up as $0.00 pay. Did...
  2. B

    Didn't get Non-core incentive

    So I got Gold status this week. But my email didn't include LA county Non-core. Anyone else get the same thing? I guess I will find out for sure ay 3pm from my app
  3. B

    This weeks incentives May 32-

    So I did 77 trips in LA county. My guarentees are lower than last week. 7 - 9am 2.0x 9 -5 1.6x 5-10 pm 1.8x. Anyone else get this too? More or less? Please let me know what you got
  4. Libertyfare

    Is it me or do the guarentees sound like a scam?

    The distance of allowed to pickup pax is much further away and if you refuse any may as well kiss the 90% acceptance rate bye bye and therefore disqualified for the guarantee. With an xl vehicle getting x hails is already a loser unless I am practically on top of them not 15 minuets away. And...
  5. Libertyfare

    How the Winter Guarantee is suppose to work.

    Don't look for this information to be on the app or the website. The guarantee doesn't apply to all drivers only drivers who activated prior to January 8, 2016 see the requirements section at the end. So if you signed on after that it is unlikely you qualify or got this in your email. Search...