1. K

    Is anyone in Milwaukee getting guarantees?

    It's been several months since I have seen any notices about guarantees for weekend or weekday trips. I think that last notice about guarantees was received back just after Labor Day. Is this something they only publish during the summer months? Or is it I am no longer getting these notices...
  2. RachelD

    Weirdness this week in Uber communication

    NVM. I decided to not have this on here. It's Homecoming in Stillwater!
  3. P

    Uber is not sending me any Guarantee Offers anymore. Why?

    Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my post. A few weeks ago I noticed a mistake on my payment statement, Uber had not pay me all the money I earned for that week period. Anyways, I send an email to report this situation to Uber Support. To make this story short, I took a long discussion...