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  1. YorkieLover

    $22/Hr guaranteed this weekend,October 7-9 anyone else?

    I saw on my feed at the bottom of my main page Friday, Sat,Sun $22 and $24 per hour, but I didn't get any since acceptance rate has to be at least 90% and mine is @40% or is that a way they are telling me this week I have to accept all my poolers request so I can bring up my acceptance.?did...
  2. UberxGTA

    What is the 'Guaranteed Fare' within the Destination feature?

    Guaranteed fares seem to be different from regular upfront fares. The only time I had a 'guaranteed fare' was when I was using the destination feature. Some of these destination feature trips are called 'guaranteed fares' and most are not. One 'guaranteed fare' I had was for 18 min and 7 km and...
  3. Uber Man Boston

    $40/hr GUARANTEED HOURS Gross Fares Boston = $32

    I am new to this blog so here is my first post: —I got this invitation from uber saying "$40 bucks an hour" and I went out thinking "I am going to make $80 bucks for 2 hours of driving" but miss the "gross Fare" part. At the end I only made $64 because Uber takes 20% commission from those $80...
  4. gmc

    Guarantee lol all bull

    I tried it last Monday and Tuesday am guarantee $25 hour lol
  5. SMOTY

    Guaranteed hours for lyft 10/9 and 10/10

    So Friday 10/9 and Saturday 10/10 are guaranteed hours for lyft. Both day from 12am-3am. I'm just a little confused because they are leaving out Saturday night into Sunday morning right? Probably the busier night. So are they saying to go out Thursday night into Friday morning 12-3am or they...