1. tsmit44

    Guaranteed earnings for deliveries

    Does everybody else get a lot of high dollar amounts guarantees? I get soooo many every night. I try to do at least 2 deliveries with a guaranteed amount as long as it's reasonable. I accepted one the other day when I saw a $13 guarantee then as soon as it said 12mi drive I canceled. lol...
  2. SuzeCB

    Promos Explained

    Did you get notice of an upcoming promo from Uber that you're hoping to cash in on and would like a different perspective (or nine) on how Uber may be intending it versus how they intend to have you interpret it? Post the screenshot of all the details and let everyone rip it apart for you...
  3. Initial D

    Question about Lyft Weekly Guarantees (giving rides above the required amount)

    So I have a quick question about weekly guarantees. I know that they guarantee the drivers that they will make x amount of money if they give y amount of rides (If not, Lyft will cover the remaining differences). Lets say my weekly guarantee was $195 for 20 rides and I have given 20 rides but I...
  4. U

    Lyft Promo: been awhile (725 for 75)

    Got this promo, it's been awhile... 75 rides for $725 guarantee this week. Any thoughts if it's decent? No LAX permit .... Also says no minimum acceptance rate needed. Do notice it says tips and other bonuses not included which I'd qualify for power driver for $50 (40/peak 60 total) as well...
  5. NashHye

    Lyft Getting Rid Of Prime Time?

    My cousin (signed up in Chicago market but works in Milwaukee) just got an email from Lyft stating that there is a "better way to earn". Instead of prime time will get a guaranteed amount. Seems to be the same thing Uber was testing in Charlotte. This is absolutely ridiculous. Have a look for...
  6. kwarden13

    Help! Can Someone Explain the Power Bonus & Guarantee Bonus?

    So I have the following bonuses and trying to figure out if I can hit both in 1 week and if it is worth it? Power Bonus - Drive 35 rides peak, 50 rides total, 90% acceptance, get additional $65 Guarantee Bonus - Drive 35 rides total, 90% acceptance, get $350
  7. Androidcoder

    Hourly guarantee means McDonald's all night

    Minneapolis offered a rare hourly guarantee last night starting at 5:00 PM. Our Vikings football team was playing for a Superbowl spot which we are hosting this year (and lost horribly). Needed '60% of requests completed'. I don't know if that means every hour, from when you start till you stop...
  8. gbaugher

    Is Lyft encouraging me not to drive more this week?

    I have been driving Uber for 3 weeks. Last night was dead slow so I thought I’d try Lyft for the first time. There was a weekly guarantee of $115 for 90%/10 rides. I did 11 did a whopping $65. My question is, since I met the guarantee, am I driving for basically driving for free, at least for...
  9. Kawiz03

    New Driver Promos

    Shoot why cant us vetrans get a deal like this... but alas we get crappy boost zones and fake primetimes
  10. D

    Help a brother out!! Uber food delivery questions

    I drive a dodge challenger 2 door and can't give rides and decided giving Eats a chance. In Los Angeles I was averaging about $15 to $20 an hour working on almost constant 1.4-1.8x boosts. I just moved down to San Diego (not near downtown) and I am lucky to get a 1.1x boost a couple times a week...
  11. L

    Lyft Guarantee - anyone get one?

    I haven't been driving lyft much because of the last App update. After this update, when I minimize the App to run Uber simultaneously it reverts to Rider-mode, and takes a while fumbling around to get it back to Driver mode to go offline, so screw it, I haven't bothered with Lyft lately. So...
  12. Maven

    List Connecticut Promotions Here

    STAY AWAY! From any Connecticut Promotions that you see listed here unless you have received it too! Why? There will be an oversupply of drivers in the specified areas, times and dates of any Promotion, Guarantee, or Boost. Drivers who do not receive the offer may get more pings and earn more...
  13. RaleighUber

    Automatic Lyft Guarantee

    Signed up for a Lyft guarantee of $360 for 30 rides in a week last week. Didn't drive once. Got this in email tonight (Friday) telling me I'm automatically in for May 1- 8 next week. Lyft must need drivers on the road or something...any 30 rides, anytime.
  14. PTUber

    Weekend Guarantee Zone

    How about this for a worthless zone:
  15. Debra Rey

    I DO NOT GET IT!! 4 trips with 1.5 hours left to get guarantee..

    The only reason I worked today was the guarantee. I completed 4 trips and had 1.5 hours left to get the last one for the guarantee. Drove along a normally very busy area for a freakin hour and got nothing. As a last resort, I called my sister who lived in the area so she could order an...
  16. L0new0lf

    Hudson County Promotions

    Hudson county promotions are frustrating to see . Too many traffic lights, super congested, one ways, 15 min minimum fare rides gas guzzling up hills , 1 hour NYC rides I could go on and on. Anyone else agree ?
  17. Maven

    Uber Guarantee Pitfalls

    Uber guarantees you $20 per hour sounds great! Actually, it's ok, but not so great. Here's why. 1. The guarantee rate is gross not net. So you only get 75% (example: $15/hour not $20/hour) less any income during the guarantee period. 2. Make sure you meet all conditions or you will be...
  18. Maven

    Uber Guarantee Pitfalls

    Uber guarantees you $20 per hour sounds great! Actually, it's ok, but not so great. Here's why. 1. The guarantee rate is gross not net. So you only get 75% (example: $15/hour not $20/hour) less any income during the guarantee period. 2. Make sure you meet all conditions or you will be...
  19. Ubertrappin

    Uber weekend promotions

    hi guy, new to uber... been about 3 wks. Haven't made that life changing money yet... saw the guaranteed rate promotion for this weekend and just wondering if it worth chasing. I live in Spring and theres no surge or boost ever going on out here except around 3-4am occasionally. Also is the...
  20. Rango

    Uber Driver Sign On Bonus

    Hello fellow drivers. Question for those that signed up with sign up with Uber with driver sign on bonus. I need a advise. I have signed up with Uber with $1640 sign on bonus which uber website states i would get after 100 rides, which is 8-10 days for me within first 30 days. I have yet to take...