guarantee not paid

  1. raegae

    Looking for a pic of guarantees in Baltimore the week of 5/31-6/4

    I swear there was a guarantee for 6 am - 9am M-F the week for 5/31-6/4. Does anyone happen to have a picture of it? I should have qualified for it, but Uber wants me to prove there was a guarantee during that time. I wouldn't have been awake that early unless there was a guarantee, I just don't...
  2. Lost In Translation

    Uber not paying hourly guarantees!

    For the last two weeks Uber has neither calculated nor paid my hourly guarantees. Their support center refuses to do anything about it. What can I do to get paid?
  3. Lost In Translation

    VOTE: Uber E-Mail Support. Good or Bad?

    What do you think of Uber E-Mail Driver Support? Uber has not calculated nor paid me my hourly guarantees for the last two weeks. Support has been totally useless. The local in person Driver's Support Center has been totally useless. I have tried to contact the City Manager via LinkedIn. No...
  4. Red

    Weekly vs daily hours online in the app

    While chasing guarantee we keep track of hours online by checking the weekly summary screen. Right? Wrong! Turned out that numbers can be quite different if you start adding your daily hours one by one and comparing those to the weekly screen. Currently I'm being denied guarantee because I've...
  5. TdotOnTheGo

    UberEATS - $40 for two hours a scam?

    Helo Uber Toronto Community, I have recently started UberEats Instant delivery, the feature promoted a $40 guaranteed for two hours of delivering UberEATS, but when I got my pay statement, I was told that after deducting Uber licensing fees, my hourly guaranteed earnings is $0. And under Uber...
  6. S

    $45 Dollar Guarantee from Uber during Thanksgiving Week

    Hi Folks, Is anyone in this situation? There was a guarantee for driving 11/23 thru 11/25. 45 an hour. All you had to do was drive 300 minutes of the guarantee hours, accept 90 percent of rides and make 7 trips. Today I got an hour saying I didn't qualify because I needed to average...
  7. T

    Guarantee not paid for October

    Hi everybody, I always received end of the month summary for GUARANTEES, but I couldnt receive for October. Only I didnt receive or everybody didnt receive it. They always paid guarantees first week of following month. Thanks