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guarantee is a joke

  1. EpicSwoleness


    So I'm fairly new to Lyft (about 32 rides) and from this forum I've learned a couple things that may help my Lyft experience: 1. "Guarantees" are next to useless ... this past weekend, Lyft offered me a guarantee ... the first hour on the first night I didn't get a single ping until about 40...
  2. G

    Anyone else get duped by the sign up bonus "guarantee"?

    A friend drives Uber in TX and encouraged me to sign up because I recently lost my job, and there was a sign up bonus. So, he gave me his referral code and I signed up. After a couple of weeks he contacted me, again encouraging me to get 20 trips in 30 days to get a $210 bonus. Once I hit the 20...
  3. A

    Pathetic $450 wk guarantee & Why I don't drive for Lyft anymore

    Ok so if you drive 60 hrs U can earn $450. (Not $450 on TOP of your earnings but literally base pay in fares). Really?. Wow. Is this a joke or attempt at real "guarantee "? It sounds like a scam trying to make people think that like Uber, they will pay you something on top of your earnings to...
  4. Uberface007

    What rate did Uber guarantee for the holiday in your city?

    What rate did Uber guarantee in your city for the holidays? List your city and rate they promoted I am in Houston TX and they guaranteed us 1.3 and 1.5 WHAT A JOKE....THAT LOW NUMBER IS A SMACK IN THE FACE. SHAME ON YOU UBER. NOT EVEN A 2.0 IN A CITY THIS MASSIVE.... WOW!
  5. S

    Minimum Guarantee scam.

    For all new riders out there : beware of this minimum pay guarantee scam. This is a total BS. Uber guarantees you a minimum pay per hour on some times. But this doesn't totally work as you expect. They say $20/hour for some period, $26/hour on another and this goes on from Friday to Sunday in...
  6. meetis

    Is this real?

    Is this real? I'm not making $20/hour and definitely not $30/hour.. May be its not forMiami? https://help.uber.com/h/274c3327-3a4d-4b0a-9059-6755e6145813
  7. U

    Incentive not paid this weekends Extra $120

    What gives, again I am not paid for my qualified rides this weekend, (the extra $120 guarantee) I worked 22 rides within the given time frames and instead of giving me my well deserved 120 they give me 50 for 10 qualified rides. These people really get under my skin, do I love that this is a...
  8. Lost In Translation

    Uber not paying hourly guarantees!

    For the last two weeks Uber has neither calculated nor paid my hourly guarantees. Their support center refuses to do anything about it. What can I do to get paid?
  9. Fireguy50

    Are guarantees a lie?

    Uber guaranteed $2,000 to drive the Memorial Day weekend in Detroit. So if guarantees were true why aren't there hundreds of people bragging about the big payday they made?
  10. gmc

    Guarantee lol all bull

    I tried it last Monday and Tuesday am guarantee $25 hour lol
  11. JohnAu

    So Called Guarantee

    So Uber sent me info about Incentive Pay. Said I have to drive 2 hours minimum, get 1.5 rides per hour, and accept 90% of my pings. I was online 5.49 hours and got only 7 pings. That's 1.27 rides per hour, so I didn't get the guarantee. WHAT? I accepted every ride they sent me! Looks like the...
  12. Mgt

    The guarantee is a joke ..

    Regular time $16 (real $11 -gas) Peck time $20 real 15.50- gas ) Peck time only a few hrs .very early or drunk people at the weekend ..